An accounting software system designed by ESI Software for accounting/legal/professional companies.

About ESILaw 360

ESILaw 360 for Windows is the easiest to use, most completely integrated law office accounting, billing, and time tracking system available. Catering to small to medium sized law offices, ESILaw 360 handles all of your accounting, billing, time tracking, and office management requirements and lets you focus on your business, not your software.

Accounting and Financial Reports/Lawyer Reports

All transactions entered into ESILaw 360 results in the automatic update of the client and general ledgers. Reports available to you will provide you with the important financial information you need to make crucial decisions. The budgeting features allow you to assign, track, and report on budgets. All financial statements can have budgets compared to actual costs or previous year budgets. Additionally, ESILaw 360 will construct an in-depth audit trail for you; and allow you to perform Cash, Modified Cash, or Accrual based accounting.

Additionally, ESILaw 360 can generate reports on lawyers or timekeepers. This will give you the ability to view the productivity of each staff member. Reports include WIP, receipts, write-offs, variance, billable vs non-billable time, and budgets.


In ESILaw 360 is a fully integrated calendaring system that is meant to help you manage all of your daily appointments and tasks. All appointments and tasks can be set up as recurring, or entered once manually. Additionally, the ability to set reminders and the simple interface ensures you will never over-book yourself. Another feature of the Calendaring module allows you to set up location codes to help you manage appointment types and locations. The interface of this module is so easy to use that it requires, literally no training.

Clients and Matters

Using a client or matter approach allows you to set up new files in two different ways. Using the matter approach, matters that pertain to the same client are grouped using matter number extensions. The client approach allows you to setup default billing rates for clients, or use default billing templates. You can also setup e-billing and pre-set fee distribution splits.

Getting Paid

The Accounts Receivables reports make it easy to track and collect receivables. You can process the reports by aging, date range, and minimum balance, in detail or in summary. A complete Accounts Receivable transaction history can be viewed on the client ledger, with A/R details. The Accounts Receivable Reminders feature will generate professional looking reminder letters. Additionally, reminders can be generated for specific clients or all clients based on aging limits and minimum balances, with or without interest.

Paying Your Bills

ESILaw 360 boasts a fully integrated accounts payable module that you can use to track all your payables. The functionality of this module provides you with the ability to:

  • Track firm or client expenses
  • Pay expenses for multiple clients on a single check
  • Print a check to pay one vendor or a check run to pay multiple vendors
  • Partial or full pay invoices by vendor or due date
  • View or print vendor reports, cash requirements reports, and aging reports

Tracking Time & Client Expenses

If you need help tracking time, ESILaw 360 can track and record time with minimal effort on your part, and maximum flexibility. In this module you can easily create new entries, edit existing ones, or delete entries that are no longer needed. Mark entries as billable or non-billable, use customizable timekeeper rates or default client rates, enter time with flat fees, and check spelling with the integrated spell checker. Additionally you can select user-defined alpha or numeric time codes or set up your own custom narratives, to increase the efficiency of time entry. The timer used in this module can be set to start whenever a client is selected and paused or stopped as required. Use of Timetracker Remote allows you track the time of employees who work outside your office.


ESILaw 360 is $69/user/month or $745.20/user/year. Discounted pricing is available with multiple users.

Starting Price
$745 /user/year
Price Range Learn More
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of ESILaw 360

Submitted on June 17th, 2019 by Cara Rich

I have been using ESILAW for almost six years now, I had a accounting background but had never worked in a law firm. The program is very user friendly and very easy to catch on to. One of the best things about ESILAW is their customer support team. It doesn’t seem to matter what type of question you have or how complicated it may seem they are always able to help you.

Submitted on June 17th, 2019 by Colleen Spier

I started my small business almost 2 years ago and decided to use ESILAW as my Accounting system as I had used it at other law firms I worked at previously and was impressed with its user-friendliness. Since having used the system now for almost 2 years, with very few problems arising, I am extremely satisfied with the software and will highly recommend it to other firms.