Verdict 10

A time & billing application designed by Micro Craft for accounting/legal/professional companies.

About Verdict 10

Micro Craft’s Legal Series Software has helped thousands of firms become more productive and profitable. Products include Verdict10 time and billing, LegalPad10 (a lite version of Verdict for entries only), General Ledger 8, CheckWrite 8 and Docket 9. The programs can be used alone, or be integrated. They work with all Windows operating systems through Windows 7.

The Verdict program is the result of 30 years of working with thousands of firms, so it has been designed to be used in many different ways. Available in single user, 3 user and 10 user packages. Additional users beyond that are added at lower cost.

  • Timekeepers have their own settings and can bill using multiple billing rates.
  • Clients can have many accounts, each with it’s own settings.
  • Categories can be added and reports can be sorted by those.
  • Create your own Transaction codes with your custom descriptions.
  • Templates can be created so new clients can be added with just a few clicks.
  • Using settings, codes, and categories in your templates can save many hours of data entry.
  • 10 User levels are included to control access.
  • Reports can be produced using many sets of criteria.
  • Bills can be sent via email, or saved as any of 35 different file types.
  • No updates are ever mandatory. you purchase the program and it is Yours. There are no added fees.
  • Micro Craft Support is always optional, (30 Days Free with a new purchase or update).
  • Support is available by phone on a per call basis, or with a support contract, email/phone support is unlimited for the year.

Roll back feature lets you roll back a month or many months to make corrections. Integrates to CheckWrite, General Ledger, LegalPad and Docket 9.0. Multiuser Verdict 9.0 integrates to Multiuser CheckWrite, Multiuser General Ledger, LegalPad and Multiuser Docket 9.0. The basic multiuser version is licensed for 10 simultaneous users; license for each additional simultaneous user is $100.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

Verdict 10 is designed primarily for use in the professional services industry.

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