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About DynaTime

Labor Capture for Dynamics SL Projects

The DynaTime Labor Capture module lets you automatically collect employee labor by project or job. It feeds these hours to the Time and Expense for Projects, automatically calculating overtime.

Save data entry time and use a scanner for hands-free, real time capture of employee time.

Provide accurate labor costs, an exact overtime calculation and real clock times worked.

Use DynaTime wireless to remotely capture time from a handheld device.

Round scanned time to five minute increments.

Support multiple sites against a common database, allowing any site to be in a different time zone.

Save time by allowing supervisors to review production labor detail online.

Use real time job labor content to estimate completion dates for the customer.

Eliminate key entry errors of time posting to incorrect projects or tasks.

Use Attendance Mode to track time worked for payroll.

Look real time to see who is working on what jobs.

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