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About schedulePros

schedulePros is for reporting billable time by medical professionals to enable client billing, payroll processing and accounts payable processing where transactions are entered from the convenience of a single window and posted into Dynamics GP. This is an ideal add-on for billing clients for service providers and, in turn, paying those professionals for their services. This add-on is a great management tool for private medical contractors, temporary employment agencies and contract programming agencies.

The centerpiece of the application is a single data entry window that enables fast and convenient entry of time sheet data. Field sensitive pop-up windows are provided for easy editing as time sheet data is entered into the main window. The application will compute the gross billable amount and gross payable amount for each line entered, and it displays the formulas used to compute these amounts right at the top of the window for quick and easy verification.

Other features include…

  • The ability to process, employees, contractors, and leased employees. A seamless interface to Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Small Business Financials, where look-up windows during edits will enable the selection of employees from the Payroll Master File, independent contractors and leased employee agents from the Vendor Master File, and clients from the Customer Master File. This link also enables payroll records to post to the PR Work File, vendor records to post to the AP Work File and billing records to post to the AR Work File.
  • HIPAA compliant windows for processing CMS-1500 (formerly HCFA-1500) and UB92 forms (See illustrations below).
  • Will generate travel reimbursement vouchers and route these vouchers to a batch in Accounts Payable for employees.
  • You have the option to set up the following differentials for clients and employees:
    • base pay rate per employee (or contractor);
    • hourly billing and wage differential per employee (or contractor);
    • travel allowance per employee (or contractor);
    • base billing rate per client;
    • weekend billing and wage differentials per client; and
    • shift differentials per client.
  • Scheduling and deployment windows tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Developed in Dexterity and C# using .NET technology.

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