A time & billing and accounting system for law firms.

About Tabs3

Tabs3 provides both Tabs3 Billing and Tabs3 Financials depending on your needs. The billing software helps you get bills out quickly and easily and provides management reports. The Financials product meets the accounting requirements of law firms via financial statements, invoicing, bank reconciiation, and client trust accounts.

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Tabs3 Billing

Tabs3 Billing is reliable, award winning software designed for law firms. It makes it easy to get your bills out quickly, and manage the business side of your firm. Automatically e-mail PDF statements to clients one at a time, or in batches. Bill your standard rate or set up custom rates and billing options per client or attorney.

Add Tabs3 Taskbill software for electronic billing formats such as LEDES. Choose from the many statement layouts. Use your firm’s logo to make your own unique statement design. Easily review billed and unbilled time, accounts receivable (what clients owe you), attorney productivity, receipt allocation (rules that determine what each attorney has earned), your top clients, and more.

Tracking Your Time Is Easy

Timers help you track time as you go, and then turn billable hours into fees that will appear on the client’s next statement. See a recap of your worked hours to make sure all of your time is entered. Simple forms make it easy to enter your time. You can track hours worked and hours to bill, and create task-based statements such as LEDES (Tabs3 Taskbill required). You can even enter your time and costs from your phone or tablet using Tabs3 Connect – a Platinum feature.

Bill Exactly the Way You Want To

Tabs3 gives you virtually unlimited billing rate flexibility. Use one of the standard billing rates for an attorney, bill by timekeeper level (partner, associate, etc.), or create custom rates for any timekeeper for any client. You can also use contingency, split fee, flat fee, and retainer, progress, and electronic task based billing. Then customize your statement to show exactly what you want.

Get Your Bills Out Faster

You can print or e-mail your statements as PDFs. You can automatically generate all of the e-mails and PDFs at once and automatically insert last payment date, outstanding balance, statement notes, and other client information into the e-mail. E-mail statements one at a time or in batches, and password protect statements for high-profile clients. Print draft statements and track which ones are still under internal review. Use Tabs3 reports to review unbilled time and expenses for any timekeeper or client. Click on any transaction on a bill to edit or update it.

Useful Reports to Stay on Top of the Business of Law

Dozens of reports give you insight into your firm. Run a Recap of Hours Report to find time that has not been turned in. The Top Client Report ranks clients by work-in-process, billed amounts, write offs and more. The Timekeeper Productivity Reports show you what each timekeeper has billed, written off and their effective billing rates. The Client Inactivity Report identifies clients with no activity. The Collections Report makes follow-up easy by showing you the clients with outstanding balances, and their contact information, billing, and payment history. Export any report to Microsoft Excel®.

Secure Your Information

Make sure that people in your firm only see the information they are supposed to see by restricting access to certain timekeepers, clients, or matters. You decide who can add, view, and delete information.

Advanced Compensation Formulas

Set up compensation rules for originating, primary and secondary timekeepers. Here are some examples of how compensation rules can be used:

  • Kathy gets 2% of receipts from all working timekeepers.
  • Bruce gets 5% of receipts from work done by Amber, Deb and Phil.
  • Dan gets 5% of receipts for ACME Insurance until June 2007.
  • Brad gets 10% of receipts for Widgets International until he receives a total of $10,000.

Free Practice Management Software.

Every Tabs3 license includes a one-user license of PracticeMaster practice management software to try before you buy.

Tabs3 Financial Software

Tabs3 Financial software is the best accounting solution for your law firm because it is specifically designed to meet the accounting requirements of law firms. With minimal setup and zero workarounds to satisfy most bar associations, you can print financial statements, write checks, reconcile bank statements, and manage client trust accounts in one easy-to-use and fully integrated system.

Because Tabs3 Financial software was designed to work with Tabs3 Billing software, you can call one technical support team for assistance if you ever have questions.

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Customizable Chart of Accounts.

Because every firm’s chart of accounts is unique, you may add, change or delete any of the provided accounts. Individual accounts optionally integrate with Tabs3 to help you allocate payments to specific timekeepers.

Easy Bank Statement Reconciliation

Reconcile bank statements to your cash accounts.

Detailed and Summary Financial Statements

Income statements, trial balances and journal reports are just a few clicks away!

Write Checks

Print checks then post them to Tabs3 General Ledger. Makes bill paying easier.

Stay Organized

Track invoices and keep a list of all vendors in one place.

Create 1099 Forms.

Print 1099 forms or create a 1099 Disk File for electronic submission.

Integrates With Tabs3 Billing Software.

Assign your existing Tabs3 clients to a trust account in one easy step and easily make payments to your firm out of a client’s trust account. Optionally process deposits via credit card. Trust account balances optionally print on Tabs3 statements.

Write checks out of your client’s trust account, then print check registers and easily reconcile your trust accounts to bank statements.

Starting Price
$72 /month
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User Reviews of Tabs3

Submitted on May 19th, 2023 by Anonymous

I love TABS3; I have used TABS for the last 20+ years at the office from which I retired. It is very user friendly!

It offers so many features that we dont even use all of them!

The Good…

Very easy to use

The Bad…

A little pricey if you dont end up utilizing all of its features…

Submitted on February 7th, 2019 by Anonymous

It’s designed for lawyers so it accommodates most legal billing styles. You can bill by a standard hourly rate and customize it for each partner or associate. You can also use contingencies, split fees, flat fees, tasks based, and retainer billing methods.

Through the dashboard, you can run reports showing your top clients, your work in progress so you can have an idea of unbilled work.

Tabs3 defines it pricing on whether you have 6 or more users or 5 or fewer users. Those with 6 or more need a custom quote but if you have fewer than 5 users can use their price calculator to determine cost which is between $72/month to a few thousand depending on the features and number of users wanted on the software. They do have a free trial.

The Good…

If you know you’ll be using Windows desktops for the foreseeable future and don’t need a full-featured mobile app, it’s a good choice. It will give you an excellent overview of your firm’s performance.

The Bad…

The level of customization needed is complicated and will come at a high cost because you’ll likely need to hire a consultant for customization and data migration, meaning it’s not the best choice for solo lawyers.