A time & billing application designed by SwiftTech Software.

About SwiftTime

SwiftTime is timesheet software for time tracking and billing. SwiftTime includes a categorized address book and an appointment calendar with alarms, and you can customize SwiftTime’s screens and reports extensively.

SwiftTime’s timesheets let you easily track time spent for clients on projects and project tasks. You can track time for one or more clients on each timesheet, and timesheets can be sorted in a variety of ways, e.g., by client, date, etc. You can create as many timesheets as you want and save them to files you name. Data entry is fast and easy, using pick lists you create and abbreviations for time that SwiftTime automatically converts for you, e.g., 915 or 915a for 9:15 a.m., 530p for 5:30 p.m., etc.

SwiftTime’s address book lets you create and name up to 99 categories, and any category or the entire database can be searched on any of several fields. SwiftTime’s appointment calendar lets you track appointments and things to do, and you can set alarms for any or all items.

SwiftTime’s extensive print formatting capabilites offer predefined templates you can customize, e.g., for invoices. You can even resize and position up to 3 graphics per document, so you can include your logo, photos, etc. You can save your customized templates to files you name. The positioning of graphics and custom text can be done with pinpoint accuracy, aided by SwiftTime’s print preview with zoom.

A single-computer software license is only $39.95. Quantity discounts and free, fully functional trial versions are available.

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