A modern time tracking tool to get work done faster and smarter

About ArcTime

ArcTime by Archarina is a modern time tracking tool designed to get work done faster and smarter. This cloud-based software tracks the employees’ work time in real-time with 100% accuracy and enables easy synchronization of work time data with payroll.

Employers can now easily monitor their employees’ productivity, identify inefficiencies and work closely with them to improve their performance. If you need to track billable time, this software provides a clear picture of those hours to bill your clients accurately.

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  • Employee Hours Tracker
  • Routine Optimization
  • Automated Time Entry
  • Track Billable Time
  • Work Hours Data for Payroll
  • Reports

Employees can easily clock in or clock out with a single click. Managers, in turn, can track employee work time from anywhere and on any device. Employers can even see a breakdown of employees’ work hours by date, client, and project.

Use the precise time and attendance data to pay your employees accurately. With ArcTime, you can control payroll leakages and bring in transparency in salary payouts.

ArcTime automatically generates the timesheet based on team member entries. All you need to do is to validate and approve the timesheet data and have it synced with the payroll system for payroll calculations.

Get detailed report on the summary of hours worked by your team, employee clock-in reports and the time-off’s availed by your team. Employees can also find out how much they have accrued from their sanctioned time-off’s The project report will give your team insights on the progress of in-progress, completed and yet-to-taken tasks, and what other milestones need to be achieved.

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