The veterinarian’s ultimate ally

About AllyDVM

AllyDVM is the ultimate ally of veterinarians everywhere.This software is serving some of the most sophisticated veterinary practices in the world. The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

AllyDVM software services have been designed in collaboration with customers, and are very responsive to customer feedback, suggestions, and requests. The software tools available from ALLYDVM help solve the most important challenges faced by every veterinary practice: Client Retention and Client Compliance.

App Features

  • Access to electronic pet health records
  • ALLYDVM’s “Smart Appointment Request” technology
  • Requests for refills and other information changes
  • Emergency contact info
  • Practice news, announcements, and updates
  • Direct Messaging - via email AND text
  • Unlimited reminder communications, each with unlimited deliveries
  • Complete flexibility and control of your communications content
  • Full integration with ALLYDVM’s unique Retention Calendar software
  • … and more!

Client Communication

ALLYDVM offers the veterinary industry’s most powerful and customizable client communications system. Period.

This software offers more flexibility around messaging, delivery schedules, and advanced filtering than any other system out there. The system was designed specifically to handle postcard, email, and text message needs of some of the largest and most sophisticated veterinary practices in the world. And your practice can now benefit from the work AllyDVM has put in.

ALLYDVM was also the first to offer true Direct Messaging capabilities, which was developed in collaboration with a customer - a past president of AAHA.

Product Overview

User Reviews of AllyDVM

Submitted on October 6th, 2021 by Link Welborn from Tampa Bay Vets

ALLYDVM has generated excellent results for all four of my hospitals. We’ve seen dramatic reductions in missed appointments since we started utilizing ALLYDVM. We have also improved client retention.

Submitted on October 6th, 2021 by Larry Corry from Hog Mountain Animal Hospital

We’ve used many client communications services in the past. Nothing else compares to the functionality offered by ALLYDVM. Their customer service is far better than anything else we’ve experienced.