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About ezyVet

ezyVet is a veterinary practice management software designed for managing your day-to-day workflows. This Practice Management Software is the choice for thousands of veterinary professionals in over 18 countries worldwide. Jam-packed with tools and features that will help you save time, grow your business and deliver excellence in all aspects of veterinary care. And that’s just the start. Gain a competitive edge and take your business to another level.

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  • Clinical Record: Records patient details in a customized, easy to report and communicate format.
  • Advanced Reporting: Make the most of a wealth of data, using configurable and customizable searches to fuel business growth.
  • Scheduling/Calendar: Manage your time more effectively with real-time calendar bookings. Simple colors, status flags and icons help you increase clinic outputs.
  • Templates: Speed up clinical exams with a comprehensive template system utilizing picklists and shorthand.
  • Self Check-In Kiosk: Give customers the ability to create a new contact, animal, and appointment, as well as check-in for appointments, with the self check-in kiosk.
  • Case Assignees: Ability to assign a case to a user for oversight and notifications relating to updates.
  • Customer Portal: With ezyVet’s integrated customer portal, clients can access their clinical data, financial history and book new appointments online.
  • Email, e-Faxing, Postcards & 2-Way SMS: Keep your customers in the loop by managing all client communications through ezyVet.
  • Automated Custom-Templated Messaging: Automate your admin and bring in custom variable-driven template messages, sent straight from the system.
  • Proactive Reminder System: Ensure your customers don’t miss a check-up through a proactive reminder system, with multiple triggers for appointments and services.
  • Telemedicine: Create virtual appointments straight from the ezyVet calendar dashboard, extending your practice hours and spreading the team.
  • Customizable Appointment Types & Statuses: Tailor your practice’s workflows to the team’s needs by customizing appointment types and statuses.
  • Customizable Clinical Summaries: Quickly and professionally summarize clinical data in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Discharge Summaries: Discharge summaries are easily customized and filled in with any elements of the client and animal records.
  • Restricted Veterinary Medicines Module: Ensure bulk medication is managed correctly for production animal practices.
  • Easy Attachment of Files: Easily drag and drop documents, images and even small videos directly into the client or animal record.
  • Voice Recognition: Reduce or eliminate the need to type and spend more time doing what you love, by dictating directly in to any ezyVet field.
  • Boarding Module: Make managing boarding a breeze, with a clear picture of bookings and available cages. Plus, charges are automatically added to the invoice.
  • Advanced Data Search: Want to find all cats over the age of two that have a high dental score? Not a problem!
  • Automated Reports: Automate reporting on finances, clinical history, appointments, stock and customers, scheduled to your needs.
  • Data Tags: Tag all your different data elements - clients, patients, products - to deep-dive and report on your clinic’s performance.
  • Automated Reminders: Set automated reminders based on a standard of care due date, like a vaccine or an appointment date.
  • Case Watchers: Ability to track a case for oversight and notifications relating to updates, without being the staff member assigned to it.
  • Custom Fields: Use custom fields to capture specific data that is important to the way you run your business.
  • Customizable Patient Attitude Status: Configurable attitude statuses that can be assigned to patients to describe patient-nature.
  • Diagnostic Management: Send out a diagnostic request directly from ezyVet, with results automatically populating, and all tests pre-configured.
  • Electronic Documents (e-Signatures): Progress business electronically without the constraints of printers, paper records and physical signatures.
  • Image Annotations & Maps: Instead of manually writing out notes, map out and annotate a digital clinical image.
  • Master Problems/Patient Diagnoses: Keep track of patients’ diagnoses and have them available for reference at all times.
  • Simultaneously Editable Records: Multiple staff in the clinic working on the same case can actively contribute and edit the record at the same time.
  • Standard of Care: Establish a minimum level of care for patients based on species, breed, age and diagnosis, mapping out vaccinations, key treatment dates & automatic reminders.
  • Student Verification: Manage and oversee all student access and activities, allowing for tasks to be submitted and reviewed.
  • Help Platform: Benefit from in-app documentation to problem-solve and teach the software to the team.
  • Internal Memos: Instantly and easily communicate via internal memos, whether talking to an individual or the whole team.
  • Manage Multiple Locations: Easily oversee and add new locations to the system, for those with more than one clinic or department to manage. Can be financially independent.
  • Time Clock: Record and report on employee-hours with time clock. It’s as simple as clicking in and out.
  • User Specific Permissions: Easily set what access and authority each user has according to the tasks they perform.
  • Wellness Plan: Configure subscription plans that include set benefits, sign up your patients, and let ezyVet do the tracking.
  • Automate Discounts: Bring sophisticated price adjustment rules for discounting and other relative pricing rules.
  • Automated Charge Capture: With pre-configured billing, you’ll never miss a charge!
  • Client Statements: Build customized templates to send statements to a single client or do a full statement run.
  • Estimates & Quotes: Use automation to deliver greater profitability, creating digital estimates and quotes for your clients.
  • Sales Templates: Add key products directly onto an invoice, making it faster to create estimates for common procedures, & ensuring you don’t miss any charges.
  • Syndicated/Split Billing: Associate syndicate members to your syndicate groups and configure each member’s share of costs for on-billing.
  • Advanced Pricing Management: Mark-up, fixed price, bundling, with ezyVet’s advanced pricing management system you have it all.
  • Barcodes & Scanning: Add a barcode to your products to use in invoicing and ordering.
  • Bundling: Advanced procedure bundling saves time and money for the team.
  • Inventory & Purchase Orders: Set re-order levels for your stock and create an order to re-purchase from suppliers what you need.
  • Inventory Management: Adjust your clinic’s stock levels to make sure that they’re always up to date.
  • Inventory Transfer: Move inventory between multiple locations keeping a clear oversight of what is in stock where.
  • Lot Number & Expiry Tracking: Record your lot numbers and expiry dates on inventory codes to manage medication labelling and keep regulators happy.

ezyVet Pricing

ezyVet pricing is based on the number of users your clinic has. For example, 1 user is $150 per month while 250 users is $3,250 per month. Any additional upfront costs will reflect your set up requirements. The monthly cost covers access anywhere, regular product updates, and unlimited 24/7 support.

Some optional extras include text messages, email to faxes, and postcards.


  • General Practice
  • Emergency
  • Specialty
  • Equine
  • Corporate Groups
  • Universities
  • Production Animal
  • Mobile

Product Overview

User Reviews of ezyVet

Submitted on October 6th, 2021 by Amanda Boyd from Veterinary Speciality Service St Louis (VSS)

The specialty departments basically take care of all of their own payment links for their outpatient appointments, giving the CSRs back time to focus on handling payment links for surgical discharges, ER visits or hospitalized patients.

The amount of manual checkout transactions that have been removed from our CSR team is incredible. The staff just hopped right on board and their Immediate feedback was, “Why haven’t we done this sooner?”

Submitted on October 6th, 2021 by Amanda Rogers from Complete Care Animal Hospital

Hands down, the biggest improvement has been efficiency. Today I had a busy day and added in an emergency surgery, but all the charts are done for the day versus having to work six hours on a Saturday to catch up.

The pre-built templates mean if I diagnose a patient, I can just type in a quick shorthand which brings up all the information I need to give clients, rather than typing everything manually each time. This also means my medical records are as detailed as possible.