The first and remains the most advanced Warehouse Execution System

About COFE

COFE (Continuous Order Fulfillment Enterprise) was the first and remains the most advanced Warehouse Execution System. The WES software works in real-time to organize, sequence and synchronize warehouse resources. COFE organizes and optimizes order fulfillment by sequencing and synchronizing work flows.

If you’re working off a plan including waving orders and buffering work, you will always have unavoidable warehouse inefficiencies that can only be solved by creating a waveless process. Use COFE to optimize your order fulfillment!

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Features of COFE

Dynamic Labor Balancing

  • Provides real-time, system-directed labor balancing across multiple work zones
  • Bases decisions on current priorities and workload demands
  • Synchronizes the operation of all work zones
  • Accounts for “zone transfer” penalties in excessive worker movements

Sorting Machine Optimization

  • Real-time optimized decision item sortation
  • Increased sortation capacity by 28%
  • Reduced “problem orders” by 75%
  • Reduced processing and material handling labor
  • Allows workers to work to their own capacity

Next-order Optimization

  • Makes real-time decision of the next order to release
  • Bases decisions on order priority, ship requirements, order ages, picker locations and available inventory
  • Allows nearly immediate processing of priority orders
  • Determines what orders are “not picked” in resource-limited operating conditions

Revolving Batch Picking

  • Eliminates low productivity wave transition periods
  • Maximizes continuous resource utilization
  • Levels processes, eliminating harmonic peaks and valleys behavior

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