A modular warehouse execution system

About Exacta WES

Exacta WES is Warehouse Execution System (WES),a hybrid software of Warehouse Control System (WCS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS). This system helps automates facilities by coordinating labor and equipment through dynamic optimization with real time inputs. Reporting features give operators the data they need to optimize the operations of the distribution center.

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Features of Exacta WES

  • A hardware-independent solution, giving you complete purchasing flexibility for order fulfillment and material handling equipment needs.
  • A modular architecture to meet different communication protocol requirements in real time or batched interface designs.
  • Provides clear inventory visibility to work in all areas and allows remote monitoring.
  • Works as a single point of communication to your host system or ERPsimply add the equipment and software module for that type of material handling equipment.
  • User-friendly and intuitive with color coded graphical interfaces.
  • Built-in diagnostic tools, graphics and reports.
  • Designed to accommodate easy, less costly expansion as your business evolves and demand increases.

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User Reviews of Exacta WES

Submitted on March 26th, 2020 by Krutin Shah

We have full control of how we change our systems and the new AutoStore has that flexibility built in to allow us to change our business model or how we ship to our customer very efficiently.