Pyramid Director WES

A WES for continuous order management

About Pyramid Director WES

Pyramid Director is a warehouse execution system designed to offer continuous order management. The system seamlessly integrates, optimizes and manages all of your distribution center (DC) operations with a central data repository that interacts with your warehouse management system (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to manage items (including cartons, totes, pallets or units) in real-time on your material handling equipment (MHE).

Director WES’s functionality allows you to fully leverage your WMSalong with your personnel and operationsto most efficiently manage resources and take complete control of your supply chain. Tee software fully integrates your WMS or ERP with your DC processes and MHE. Further, it expands your functionality without requiring costly WMS/ERP modifications that can be challenging to support.

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Features of Pyramid Director

  • Reallocation and redistribution of work to prevent bottlenecks
  • Automatic triggering of pick-face replenishment, prompted by real-time updates of WMS inventory
  • Release of orders in a continuous flow
  • Execution of cycle count triggers within conventional and automated storage systems
  • Automated exception management and diagnostic tools
  • Comprehensive views of workflows, with individual status and location by handling unit, wave or batch
  • Ensure a high degree of accuracy in item and parcel routing, identification and manifesting
  • Continuous measurement and reporting of all key operations metrics
  • Workflow dashboard views
  • Delivery of business intelligence and key performance indicator (KPI) analysis via dashboards
  • Up-to-the-second graphical visibility into equipment status/performance
  • Predictive analysis via correlation of inventory and equipment status to anticipate shortages or maintenance needs

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