A materials lifecycle management software for full traceability.

About MaterialCenter

MaterialCenter is a materials lifecycle management software that helps link the material specialists to mechanical simulation. MaterialCenter works best with complex materials such as alloys, elastomers, plastics, composites, and other products found in additive manufacturing or 3D printing environments.

MaterialCenter has become a single point of entry for all materials related activities such as test data entry, materials modeling, approval workflow, and export of simulation ready data to analysis. This helps engineers used approved materials from traceable sources that have passed any simulations.

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  • Dashboards for quick evaluation
  • Work request and approval workflow
  • Input and output documented through Audit Trail
  • Minimize manual data entry activities
  • Data search, retrieval and comparison for all data types–tabular, curves, images, etc.
  • Enables distributed data authoring and maintenance
  • Built-in job queue interface that optimizes execution of materials simulation processes
  • Integrates commercial Databanks for accessing critical materials data that is available in industry

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