Materialise Streamics

Production management software for additive manufacturing activities.

Product Overview

Streamics from Materialise is an additive manufacturing management system. It integrates with various 3D print solutions to deliver features like automatic nesting, build data storage, and machine monitoring. The software supports digital rights management, ensuring secure production and protecting designs.


  • Supports different input and output formats
  • Offers server-based computing
  • Integrates with external applications via REST-based web services.


  • Pricing requires consultation call

Target Market

Manufacturing companies that aim to integrate large-scale 3D printing into their existing production processes.

About Materialise Streamics

Materialise’s Streamics is a software designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of additive manufacturing (AM), particularly for those using 3D printing technology. It’s well-suited for various scales of operation, from prototyping to integrating AM processes into larger, traditional manufacturing workflows. The software aims to modernize business operations by centralizing and streamlining various AM tasks.

Materialise Streamics Key Features

  • A customizable web portal for managing orders and automating quotes.
  • Integration capability with existing ERP software through its API.
  • Build and print job file preparation, coupled with change tracking, using Magics.
  • Automated workflows for part analysis and repair.
  • Automatic labeling of parts with unique serial numbers.
  • Efficient build preparation for laser sintering with automatic multiplatform nesting.
  • Centralized data storage for managing various aspects of the manufacturing process.
  • Tools for production scheduling and machine capacity management.
  • Revision control with logs for tracking changes.
  • Production dashboards to monitor due dates and machine utilization.
  • Machine communication features to connect with 3D printers and export files.
  • Real-time machine monitoring and print job tracking.
  • Post-processing management tools for planning and managing post-production workflows.

Streamics is essentially a comprehensive tool for managing the complete lifecycle of AM processes, from order receipt to post-production, ensuring efficient operation and integration within the broader manufacturing landscape.

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Product Overview

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