A multi-module management system designed by Hometrak for health care & social services companies.

About HomeTrak

HomeTrak Is the Industry Leader in Private Duty Home Care Business Management Software. Ease of Use, Simplicity to Learn, Time and Money Saving Operation Are Just a Few of the Reasons HomeTrak Has So Many Happy Users.

In addition to the robust client and caregiver profile matching ability, HomeTrak interfaces with some of the most popular payroll, billing, and accounting software programs.

Easy Integration - Fitting in has never been easier! The HomeTrak system can integrate with many business applications you may already use.

Billing Interfaces

  • QuickBooks Pro (2003 or higher)
  • Peachtree Accounting (2003 or higher)

Note: There is no payroll interface for Peachtree

Payroll Interfaces

  • ADP - Easy Pay (faxed report)
  • ADP - Pay Expert
  • QuickBooks Pro (2004 or higher)
  • Paychex

Mapping Interfaces

  • Google Earth - Schedules, caregivers and clients can be exported. Google Earth is a free download.

PDA Interfaces

  • Palm operating system - Schedules, caregivers and clients are export to an excel spread sheet, which is then moved to the pda and viewed using ‘Documents To Go’
  • Pocket PC operating system - Schedules, caregivers and clients can be export to an excel spread sheet, or they can be export as html files, and viewed on the browser.

Contact Management Interfaces

  • ACT! (import only)
  • Microsoft Outlook (2000 or higher)

Medical Billing Interfaces

  • Ezclaim Medical Billing Software

Feature List

  • Detailed Caregiver Profiles
  • Detailed Client Profiles
  • Caregiver to Client Matching
  • Customized Detailed Management Reports
  • Integrated Billing and Payroll
  • Compatible with Popular Accounting and Payroll Programs.
  • Email Schedules to Clients and Caregivers
  • Superior Mapping System via Google Earth
  • Training, Support and Upgrades Included
  • Telephony Timekeeping System is Available

Billing Module

Billing Module

  • Calculates billing for any time period
  • Calculates billing for all client groups or a single group
  • Produces an invoice that can include your company logo, and/or a tear-off remittance section
  • Creates billing reports for both active and posted billing periods
  • Sends invoices to QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting after created
  • Capable of billing for holidays by individual client
  • Allows correction of posted billing
  • Easily creates invoices between normal runs for estate payment
  • Capable of billing for mileage, errand mileage and expenses

Caregiver Module

Caregiver Module

  • Stores caregiver photographs
  • Documents required dates specific to each caregiver
  • Multiple options available for pay rates
  • Connects external documents to each caregiver for easy reference
  • Allows viewing of all clients that the caregiver is currently assigned to visit
  • Allows viewing of all changes made to a caregiver’s record, including information changed, who changed the information, and when it was changed
  • Allows creation of user-defined skills, user-defined locations and user-defined compliance data

Client Module

Client Module

  • Tracks required dates specific to each client
  • Allows for a permanent schedule and visit plan
  • Records all the skills required to accommodate a client’s needs.
  • Connects external documents to each client for easy reference.
  • Tracks changes made to a client’s records, including information changed, who changed the information, and when it was changed.
  • Imports and exports demographic information with other contact management and accounting software
  • Manages referral sources and contacts through the Referral Management System.

Payroll Module

Payroll Module

  • Calculates payroll for any time period
  • Calculates payroll for all caregiver groups or a single group.
  • Make minor adjustments to calculated payroll.
  • Easily creates payroll reports for both active and posted payroll periods.
  • Exports payroll to QuickBooks timecards.
  • Exports payroll to ADP Easy Pay.
  • Moves payroll information to the sales history system, so you can view profit and loss by type of work performed, clients visited, or payers.

Referral Module

Referral Management Module

  • Keep track of anyone or any business that is sending clients and caregivers to your organization.
  • How many new referrals did you receive yesterday?
  • How many new clients did you receive yesterday?
  • How long is it taking to turn potential clients into active clients?
  • Information from the referral module can be used to make educated marketing decisions.

Report Module

Report Module

  • Easily generate, display and print reports.
  • Choose the report or options that you want.
  • Quickly find the information that you need.
  • Create professional looking Caregiver Name badges.
  • Simple to generate mailing labels or envelopes for clients, payers or caregivers.

Schedule Module

Schedule Module

  • Automatic alerts to open schedules and caregiver overlaps.
  • Suggests caregivers best suited to care for clients based on user defined parameters.
  • Only matches available caregivers that meet the client’s request.
  • Client and caregiver information is visible side-by-side for a better match.
  • Eliminates double scheduling of shifts.
  • Notifies scheduler when a caregiver might go into overtime.
  • Invoicing and payroll are based on a confirmed schedule, thus eliminating errors in client billings and caregiver pay.
  • Single entry of duplicated data eliminates human errors.
  • Information is archived for later retrieval as needed.
  • Saves time and money by e-mailing schedules and other pertinent information directly from the schedule module to caregivers, clients and their families.
  • Provides integrated directions to client homes using an interface to Google Earth, an extraordinary new concept that allows viewing of maps to the client’s home and viewing driving routes between schedules.

Product Overview

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