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Selecting Accounting Software for a Financial or Insurance Organization

Two of the most highly regulated industries are finance and insurance. Not only are companies in these industries audited by state and federal agencies, these industries are also under pressure to maintain very high standards when it comes to accounting and financial reporting. Investors, stakeholders, and clients need to be assured they can trust the company that is overseeing their money. It is not only important to have a quality general ledger system, it is also critical that you have a back end system to properly manage the operational aspects as well. Read on to find out about accounting software and ERP solutions designed with the finance and insurance business in mind.

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Software for financial institutions

Over the past decade, a lot has changed in the financial industry. Restrictions have been placed on financial institutions and many have folded due to improper financial management. With the right financial software, your institution can properly manage the finances for each legal entity, each branch office, create the budget plans and forecast your revenues. An auditable solution will help you properly track all finances with audit trails showing transactions, reversing transactions, and user actions.

A close second to the accounting software for financial institutions is the back office software which can be broken into two main segments: deposit software and loan management. Banks rely on deposits to make loans. They rely on interest income from the loans to operate and expand, so having these two systems closely related is very important.

Deposit software is designed to track customer deposit accounts (checking, savings, bank IRA’s, etc.), as well as tracking of transactional data and interest awarded to the customer. This system is also known as a “Core Banking” system as it is the core to the operations of the institution.

Loan management is designed to track loans from application to lien release. Create an application, underwrite the loan, approve, collect signatures and fund the loan. Institutions may choose to sell the loan and the servicing of the loan, sell the loan and keep the servicing or keep the loan on their own books and keep the servicing. Whichever way is chosen, the software will help manage the transactions. For those institutions keeping servicing, the loan management software will send invoices, track payments, manage spread of payments (principal, interest, escrow, fees, etc). Manage the loan until it is paid in full and process a lien release.

There are few core banking systems available in the market, however, there are dozens of accounting solutions that are used in many different financial institutions. The difficult part is finding the right solution to meet your specific needs which is where we can help.

Software for broker/dealers

In addition to the added scrutiny placed on the financial institutions, a larger microscope has been placed on “Wall Street” or those firms that manage investments for others.

The right software will not only help manage the finances for the organization but will also have the operational functionality allowing the organization to:

  • Underwrite or participate in the underwriting of publicly offered securities.
  • Assist in the private placement of securities
  • Provide investment research and advice
  • Provide loans and financing, including equity and mortgage loans
  • Provide the means for companies to hedge foreign currency, interested rate and other risks
  • Acting as a depository for securities owned by customers, disbursing dividends and interested received, and information customers about calls, tenders, and other reorganization activities pertaining to their securities.

In addition to keeping up the finances for the organization, broker dealer software helps to track broker commissions, licenses, and performance.

Broker-dealers need to maintain two sets of books: a general ledger and securities records, which makes it all that more important that a strong financial system is in place.

Insurance companies

As with financial institutions, the insurance industry is ever changing with more regulations increasing the importance on proper financial management. Management of multiple entities, management of policies (including collection of premiums and payment on claims), prospecting new clients and offering more and better products to existing clients, are all important aspects of an industry specific solution.

Insurance agents and brokers

Insurance agents and brokers are often the face insurance companies and while they do not actually manage the policies from an operational standpoint, agents do create the policies and need to track commissions in addition to management of their own firms finances. Insurance brokers also need strong customer management tools to track current and prospective contact information, to reach out to customers with specific needs and perform general follow up. The best solutions will have the accounting functionality that interfaces with CRM allowing the firm to manage all aspects of the business.

Taking the next steps

In such a highly regulated industry, you want to make sure you are properly tracking your finances. Whether you are looking for a complete ERP system or specific functionality to augment existing software, through a brief phone call, our software specialists will look to better understand your business and software needs to help you locate the most relevant solutions for your requirements. Get started today!

Popular Finance & Insurance Management Software Products

Looking for software for your Finance & Insurance business? Over the years, we’ve helped match thousands of businesses just like yours with great software. Below you can check out a list of the options most commonly considered by others in your industry. Browse for fits or let us help you find the best choices for your needs.

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The companies and representatives you sent our way were prompt and thorough… I definitely would recommend your company as a means to exploring options with qualified providers. — Bruce Conley
Your service saved me some very valuable time and hooked me up with some excellent resources. Thanks for providing this top-notch service. — Linda Vittori
Thanks! Having a service like this to help navigate the ocean of accounting software and help identify potential good-fits without having to delve through numerous bad-fits is of tremendous value! — Mark Carpenter
  • Infor SunSystems by Infor

    ##Information, insight, action, growth Your traditional financial management system (FMS) locks you in to rules, structures, and business models that can't evolve to meet your changing needs. But you need to redefine your systems on the fly, and...

  • Express Connect by CodePartners

    Express Connect is a bank-neutral, remote deposit capture technology that integrates with major accounting products by Sage Software, Microsoft, and Intuit. With Express Connect, you can deposit checks to your bank account through a check scanner,...

  • eInvestmentAssets by ICAN Software

    Investment asset accounting for Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains. Organizations holding investment assets which fluctuate in value over time realize how much effort it is to manually record buys/sells, manually look up the values of...

  • PULSE Lockbox by Leahy ERP Solutions

    ##Features Imports bank lockbox files Eliminates tedious keying of cash receipts Automatic match to unpaid customer invoices Detects partial & duplicate payments Increased accuracy Works with both Progression & ES...

  • Multiview by Multiview

    For organizations seeking a solution that easily conforms to their existing operations, Multiview offers a flexible, integrated suite of financial solutions. With Multiview , companies gain superior visibility over corporate data, creating a more...

  • CyberGrants by CyberGrants

    Our Competitive Grants Management system is our flagship product which nearly every type of foundation, giving program or contributions department can use. This system offers complete grants management capabilities in a highly configurable and...

  • DefaultTrackPoint by DepotPoint

    DefaultTrackPoint streamlines the entire default management process through a centralized workflow engine, based on a 50-state regulatory knowledge base that provides detailed tracking, electronic calendaring with alerts, and digital document...

  • RAMCAP by AdvisoryWorld

    Easy-to-use multi-Asset/multi-security asset allocation and optimization. Create user-defined security databases and portfolios; specify individual security characteristics; optimize portfolio mixes; compare portfolios side-by-side; review detailed...

  • Treasury & Liquidity by Calypso

    Liquidity, liquidity, liquidity… The treasury function has evolved over time with increasingly diverse responsibilities. However, providing liquidity and funding for the enterprise remains the primary challenge. The 2008 financial crisis...

  • OdysseySuite by Megasol Technologies

    OdysseySuite is an integrated application for the management, accounting and administration needs of: Private banks Offshore banks Trusts Corporations Funds General features OdysseySuite provides General Ledger support...

  • Megasys Finance 3.0 by Megasys

    Standard Features Include: Multiple Location, Branch & Company Capability Built-in User Security & audit trails User Definable Menus Account Types Handled: Indirect Sales Finance Contracts Direct Consumer Loans...

  • OpenLink dbcSMARTsoft by OpenLink

    dbcSMARTsoft is a complete trading, risk management, merchandising and accounting solution for companies who buy, sell, warehouse, merchandise or transform commodities – especially to manage exposure to commodity prices and currency...

  • SarbOxPro by Cost Advisors

    SarbOxPro is the most comprehensive tool available for small to mid-sized (public) companies who are required to comply with Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley. The software is free; however, a maintenance plan is available for $995 a year. The plan...

  • StockTrack by Figtree Consulting

    The ultimate software for issuing and tracking stockholders shares and certificates. Used by banks, Stock Transfer agents and corporations acting as their own transfer agent. Features Include: Issuance and Registration of Stock...

  • AvantGard Treasury by SunGard Financial Systems

    AvantGard treasury, risk and cash management solutions can help you meet these challenges by delivering enabling technology to help drive integration, automation, visibility and collaboration while also offering modeling and analysis tools to help...

  • SCHEDULE D 4 DONE by Technetronic

    SCHEDULE D 4 DONE calculates long term or short-term capital gains and losses, wash sales and cost basis changes from the sale of mutual funds options and stocks during the tax year. Features Include: Calculates wash sales Calculates...

  • Penny by TKS Solutions

    A comprehensive back-office solution for investment advisors. This easy-to-use system integrates partnership and corporate accounting for funds. It also includes a general ledger, allocation system, and accounts payable for management...

  • VBA by Virtual Benefits Administrator

    A flexible, cost effective solution for all aspects of claims processing and benefit management. Our software is designed in a way to provide the end user with as much flexibility as possible. On our end, the open architecture of VBA allows our...

  • Bank Companion by ZSL Inc.

    “Banking Anytime! Anywhere! Be wireless always” Bank Companion is an award winning mobile banking software provider. Our mobile offering includes Mobile Banking Solutions, Mobile Marketing Dashboards and Mobile Payments. Our banking software...

  • Navigator Enterprise by Financial Navigator Int'l

    Navigator Enterprise is a powerful cash management, portfolio tracking, data communication and reporting software system. Navigator is the only software that measures all components of net worth, both liquid and illiquid securities and assets. To...

  • ProSource by Financial Computer Support

    Imagine one financial source packed with the power to put you in control of your customers' investment activities, giving you time to build stronger, more profitable customer relationships. ProSource is a complete resource for financial...

  • FMA Advisor by Forefield

    FMA Advisor™ is a web-based application that guides financial advisors to easily and consistently deliver high-quality advice during every client contact. FMA Advisor offers a powerful client interaction and presentation solution built on a...

  • i‑servicing by GoldenOmega

    i-Servicing is a loan servicing software, dealing with the most complex of issues relating to the servicing of loans. It fully automates loan collections for: Fixed, step rate, and adjustable rate loans Single or cross-collateral...

  • Easy e‑Bank Rec by GPC Systems

    GPC Systems has created Easy e-Bank Rec™ — the ultimate solution to Bank Reconciliation problems in Microsoft Dynamics™ GP. It is fast and very easy to use. With Easy e-Bank Rec,™ bank reconciliations usually take between...

  • Cash Management Software by Gunnebo

    Gunnebo’s cash management software gives you the power to optimise the performance of your cash handling processes by remotely monitoring your entire chain of stores. ## Improve In-store Cash Management Track the levels of cash per...

  • TAMS (Trust Accounting Mini System) by HWA International

    Trust Accounting Mini System (TAMS) is menu-driven and utilizes batch transaction entry to trap keying errors. TAMS maintains complete, up-to-date trust records of both the principal and income beneficiary. TAMS is limited to either less than $10...

  • ICSConnect by ICS Computing

    ICSConnect is an ICS service whereby an organization can have their financial accounting systems remotely managed and hosted by ICS, without the need for computer servers, software or skilled I.T personnel on their own site. Based on the use of...

  • Trustpak by Infobiz Solutions

    Trustpak is a Trust Accounting software package for any individual, business, institution or agency that operates a Trust Account. Versions available for Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, USA, UK and a generic...

  • Maui Suite of Products by Infovisa

    Maui suite provides on-line, real-time, in-house, windows-based trust accounting, foundation accounting and performance measurement. The system uses true client server technology with open...

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