A multi-module management system designed by Financial Navigator Int’l for accounting/legal/professional and finance & insurance companies.

About Navigator Enterprise

Navigator Enterprise is a powerful cash management, portfolio tracking, data communication and reporting software system. Navigator is the only software that measures all components of net worth, both liquid and illiquid securities and assets. To do this Navigator tracks investment and non-investment assets, such as real estate, private equity, and venture capital investments, as components of net worth. All information within Navigator is able to be viewed off site through an internet connection with the purchase of Navigator Online. Navigator is available in two formats, The Professional Office Edition, and The Standard Office Edition. This allows you to decide which product is best for you and your financial management needs. On a whole the Professional Office Edition is the larger and more comprehensive software package. The differences between the two are as follows:

  • Professional supports 10 or more entities; whereas, Standard supports a maximum of 20 entities
  • Professional haws a maximum of 8,000 accounts, containing assets up to $2 billion; compared to Standard’s 3,000 accounts with assets up to $50 million.
  • Professional contains 114 reports to the 91 included in Standard

Accounting and General Ledger

The Accounting and General Ledger application within Navigator is a completely customizable solution that offers general ledger capabilities to meet your business, investment and tax needs. This product allows you to customize a master chart of accounts with over 500 pre-defined choices. If you so desire you can set up a ýtypical userý profile that automatically sets up a user pre-defined chart of accounts. Within the system each account is automatically classified as income, expense, asset, liability, or equity. In addition to being able to handle accounting for wealthy individual investors, this software is perfectly suited for small businesses, partnerships, trusts and individuals. For tax purposes Navigator can classify your accounts; it can even include reports into form 1040 and schedules A, B, C, D, E and F. The ability to perform a month-end close is available but not required; and you can also generate a trial balance for quick review purposes.

Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports is an optional add-on module to Navigator Enterprise, that is available for purchase. This module allows you to create reports that incorporate multiple entities and span multiple years; this in turn gives you the visibility to see the big picture with the powerful, time-saving capabilities available in Navigator and Advanced Reports. Advanced Reports allows you to report on entities grouped by ýfamiliesý spanning multiple or single entities, or spanning multiple years; and export that data to other spreadsheet applications. You can also create your own customized reports, and save the formats you have created, which will give you even more capabilities in your reporting processes. This program allows you to copy entire entity families for easy year-to-year continuity and data management. Advanced Reports is available in two editions: the Standard edition and the Pro edition. The features of the two are as follows:

  • Standard Edition allows you to create five entity families, each of which may contain as many as 15 entities for a total of 75 entities.
  • The Pro Edition allows you to create an unlimited number of entity families without limiting the number of entities for family. You can also create consolidated reports. Additionally you have the ability to allocate a percentage of each entity into reports. Finally, you can store an unlimited number of qualifier tables and custom reports.

BrokerLink, an optional add-on module to Navigator, gives you the ability to save time and improve record accuracy by integrating your brokerage information directly into Navigator. To provide unrivaled accuracy and valuation BrokerLink will automatically post market prices; giving you the most accurate pricing on your financial statements. You are able to specify transaction type which will automatically post transactions in their appropriate accounts. BrokerLink gives you the ability to accurately manage multiple accounts from multiple brokerage firms.

Check Printing

The Check Printing application included in Navigator automates your check writing and ensures accuracy with powerful check printing capabilities. Navigator has the ability to print checks based on the transactions you enter on pre-printed check forms. It will automatically print names and addresses, plus all pertinent information, using popular check formats without the need to re-enter information. By purchasing additional add-on modules you can give Navigator more capabilities in check writing.


CheckForm is an add-on module available for purchase and integration into Navigator. This module gives you more capabilities in automating your check writing processes. You are able to print entire checks, including MICR-encoded account and bank routing numbers on blank checkstock. This module gives you the ability to print fully customized and professionally formatted checks.


Impressions is an add-on module that creates detailed and effective graphs using Navigator. Data from Navigator is converted to provide you with comprehensive charts and graphs. You are given the ability chose your graph type (bar, line, pie etc) and customize your graphs with illustrations. Graphs can be used to create customized reports with other applications; and export them in popular file types for review by many people. Impressions gives you more than 55 pre-defined financial charts; and with slight modification of charts you can easily perform ýwhat ifý analyses.

Investment Management

Navigator gives you many capabilities in the area of investment management. Since this program will track all of your investments, you can easily come up with a valuation for any and all investments including but not limited to everything from stocks and mutual funds to oil, gas, and real estate. This program gives you the ability to calculate executive stock options with multiple exercise prices. Furthermore, you can easily track traded and restricted options, short sales, and margin accounts. With Navigator you can also easily manage all legal entities (partnerships, trusts, estates and investor-oriented small businesses). Companion products such as StockWeb and Navigator Access give you the ability to retrieve current and historical security prices, to provide you with a better valuation of the securities in your portfolio. You are given the ability to combine investment portfolios across multiple entities; and calculate the performance by generating an ROI of said portfolios and individual investments.


The Reporting application included in Navigator customizes and prints comprehensive, consolidated reports with Navigator’s flexible reporting system. This application allows you to create over 100 different reports in many different file formats. You can also define sets of frequent or periodic reports; and reformat those reports for use in other computer applications.


ROI is an add-on module for Navigator that gives you additional reporting capabilities by providing you with timely, accurate reporting of investment performance for marketable securities. By incorporating professional reporting techniques, ROI accurately tracks your return on investments for your portfolios. With ROI you can measure the true portfolio investment returns experienced over each time period for which you have Navigator data. Running a report with ROI is done in the same way as running a report in Navigator. ROI follows the performance reporting standards set by the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR). The performance returns calculated in Navigator are based on several different factors, and are calculated in different ways. A true Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is used to determine investment performance; or a time-weighted return compared to a relevant major index is used for judging managers. Additionally, ROI uses daily compounding because of the accuracy of this method; this is possible because Navigator has the date and amount of every cash-flow transaction affecting each investment portfolio. For investors Navigator and ROI will calculate the Effective Rate of Return which is more accurate than the Nominal Rate of Return.

By purchasing the ROI add-on module you will be able to run investment reports that cover multiple year and entities on a single report. Furthermore, you will be given the ability to follow the demanding professional standards set by AIMR to calculate both time-weighted and dollar-weighted returns. You will also be given the ability to judge your performance by comparing your ROI against up to 10 major indices (choosing from over 40). You are also given the capability to view historical investment performance. ROI has the functionality to produce separate reports for each portfolio, broker, or investment manager; you can also combine portfolios for a summary report. Finally, you are also given the ability to analyze the risk level of your portfolios and report performance of non-marketable investments. ROI gives you all the information you need to compare performance to indices, other investment managers, or against past returns.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Navigator Enterprise

Submitted on May 31st, 2023 by Anonymous

It’s horrible

The Good…

Nothing it’s the worse system I have EVER worked on in my 23 years of banking!

The Bad…


Submitted on August 9th, 2021 by Anonymous

Navigator is not user friendly. It is not intuitive. It can take a long time to get things done. I previously used Jack Henry which was a more robust and user friendly program.

The Good…

I have not found anything positive about Navigator yet. Perhaps some training on it would be beneficial instead of having to work all of the logistical problems Navigator throws at you when you are trying to get things done.

The Bad…

Everything takes an inordinate amount of time to do instead of being able to print a simple report. It is not integrated with our other software. It is not intuitive, user friendly, and reports are not professional looking.