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About Xactimate

Xactimate is your complete estimating solution; whether you are involved in construction or insurance this product can meet your needs. Estimating is simple with Xactimate (most of it being done with one click); and the presence of a dashboard displays recent projects completed and upcoming assignments.

Estimating Solution

Xactimate provides you with many advantages in your estimating processes. Whether you work in Insurance and use estimates to estimate repairs, or you work in construction and need to generate estimates for customers; Xactimate is loaded with features that give you un-rivaled estimating ability. These features are:

  • The ability to calculate residential, condo, manufactured homes, commercial, and agricultural valuations in an efficient and accurate manner.
  • The presence of several estimate wizards that allow you to calculate accurate estimates with detailed preferences. The HVAC wizard allows you to calculate incredibly accurate estimates that include: heating / cooling unit, ductwork, thermostat, vents, etc. The plumbing wizard will allow you to provide estimates with detailed bathroom, laundry and kitchen preferences. Finally, the insulation wizard will allow you to complete accurate estimates with detailed wall, ceiling, and floor preferences.
  • For insurance agents, the ability to track what the insured person had, what will be replaced, and the cost differences in different upgrade scenarios; allowing you to test and deliver compensation packages easily. Furthermore Xactimate features a integrated Claim Manager with reporting capabilities; and allows you to add as many coverages as needed, with the ability to specify limits, deductibles and reserves.
  • The ability to manually enter information for loss location, loss type, loss date, CAT code, etc. enabling better record keeping.
  • You can setup and define separate insurance coverage types and view a separate summary section for each coverage type. Additionally you can view every project you are running on a single list.
  • The presence of the Summary Screen allows you to change estimates and view what the effects of making a wide change to the estimate would be. The Summary Screen also allows your staff to view an entire estimate, in a summarized, ýat a glanceý format.
  • The ability to merge multiple projects into one, gives you great flexibility in your planning and estimating process.
  • The versatility of Xactimate, allowing for integration with other 3rd party programs. This feature allows you to reduce data entry to a minimum, and automate the performance of several pivotal accounting and business management processes. For example you can integrate with 3rd party accounting software to provide automatic reporting to your general ledger, or purchasing software. Typical types of software that Xactimate is integrated with are: accounting, mapping, project management, contact management, etc.
  • For your construction or contracting business, the ability to attach images to estimates, can prove to be incredibly useful to co-workers who will be using your estimate in the course of their work.
  • The presence of a dashboard, showing your last 10 projects and all new assignments. The purpose of this feature is to add an increased level of organization and efficiency.


In addition to being an incredibly versatile estimating tool; Xactimate also features reporting capabilities. All reports, like estimates, can be printed in English, Spanish, or French. Additionally, duplicate data entry is never necessary, since all data entered into Xactimate can be transferred and used to generate reports.

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