ERP Software: The Gift that Actually Does Keep Giving!

Last Updated: November 7th, 2018
Researched and Written by: Adam Bluemner

Let’s face it. The anonymous company gift exchange doesn’t ever seem to work out quite as well as you hoped. Somehow Fred from the warehouse ends up with the spa gift card, while Patty from HR pretends like she loves her awesome new paperweight.

This year, give your team the gift they really want: the software they need to do their jobs.

And, what kind of software could possibly fit the bill better than a new ERP system? It’s the one type of enterprise software that really does have something for every person, in every department of your business.

So this holiday season, do your employees and your company bottomline a favor. Invest in software that improves efficiency, facilitates communication, and provides the insights you need to make data-driven business decisions. (And, while you’re at it, just say no to fish ties, more coffee mugs, and 1 year subscriptions to the Jelly of the Month Club!)

Instead, check out our gift list of 27 ERP software features for everyone in your office.

27 great ERP software features for everyone in your business

For the Accounting Department

The CFO: A report writer with data visualization tools to share financials with investors

The Controller: A cash management application to plan liquidity and optimize interest earning positions

Accounts: Document management features to associate invoices with corresponding accounts payable entries

The Billing Clerk: Automatic overdue invoice reminders based on configurable business logic

The Budgeting Analyst: Integration of budgeting and accounting to allow for up-to-date variance reporting

For the Sales Department

:gift: The Sales Ace: Mobile apps that provide the ability to check stock levels before promising items to customers

:gift: The Sales Manager: Forecasting tools that use past data to create more accurate predictions about future sales

:gift: Sales Support: Document conversion capabilities that easily turn quotes into orders and orders into invoices

For the Supply Chain Team

The Buyer: Vendor comparison analytics to gauge factors like average lead time when selecting suppliers

The Shipping Tech: Integration of order software with major shipping providers for better tracking and cost management

The Purchasing Manager: Granular approvals control to make sure requisitions receive the right oversight

The Inventory Clerk: Cycle count features to check stock counts more efficiently with statistical sampling

The Warehouse Supervisor: RFID functionality to track the precise location of every inventory item in the warehouse

For the HR Department

The Benefits Coordinator: An employee self-service portal for the benefits administrator overrun with inquiries about available health insurance options

The HR Director: A centralized and easy-to-manage database for maintaining all employee records

The Payroll Administrator: Automated calculation of overtime, commission, and other variable compensation methods

For the Production Team

The Quality Director: Statistical process controls to track improvements on minimizing defect rates

The Plant Manager: Machine scheduling management tools to minimize downtime and reduce cycle times

The Engineer: A bill of materials to communicate materials and assembly instructions to the production floor

The Equipment Manager: Computerized maintenance management software to track which machines are due for repair

The Machine Operator: Integrated change order management to make sure that work orders and production instructions are always up-to-date

For the Marketing Department

The Social Media Coordinator: A lead management tool to turn engaged social followers into repeat customers

The Digital Marketing Manager: BI analytics that merge lead costs with revenue results to gauge the value of traffic sources

The Marketing VP: Visual dashboards tracking marketing expenditures across channels and against budgets

For the IT Department

The Network Administrator: Cloud hosting options so there’s one less business application to run on internal servers

The eCommerce Manager: API tools to transfer sales from the website shopping cart application to the ERP system

:gift: The CIO: Two-factor authentication to protect system access and encryption of sensitive company data

Happy holidays! And may all your software wishes come true!
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