A multi-module management system designed by Constructive Computing for construction companies.

About QuickEST

The ultimate estimating Toolbox! QuickEST has the right tool for each takeoff situation.

Digitize: Quantities, Lengths, or Areas may be digitized and graphically displayed with optional Metric/English conversion. Multiple Layers (Drawings) are allowed along with Auto Scaling for reduced scale drawings.

Resources: You may directly takeoff Labor, Material, Equipment, or other cost detail to supplement your Assembly, spreadsheet and Procedure takeoff.

Confirmation: During takeoff, Productivity may be modified, Comments entered, or Pricing changed as required.

Assemblies: Combine Labor, Material, Equipment, and other costs into Assemblies using Labor productivity of HRS/UNIT, UNITS/HR, or UNITS/DAY.

Spreadsheets: Excel compatible spreadsheets allow the calculation of quantities (for Assemblies or Procedures) or for direct entry of estimated costs.

Pattern Takeoff: Allows you to apply new quantities to prior takeoff.

Takeoff Build: Allows you to build Crews on the fly and save them as Assemblies for later use.

Lump Sum Takeoff: Allows hours (optionally by Craft) and estimated costs to be added to Estimate.

Bid Day Quotes Module

Take Quotes on Resources, with the same Purchasing Group, by selecting one and then clicking on Bid Day Quotes. The program automatically recommends the low discounted price for a single Vendor which may be overridden if desired or select a different Vendor. When a Quote (or when OVERRIDE) is selected for a Resource, EVERY takeoff item that uses the Resource is updated, as well as the estimate totals.

Features drill-downý on any summary cost to determine the details. This is a ýmulti-userý product which contains sample Contractor developed databases and be exported direct to our Evolution Accounting or by using text interchange files. There are a number of other major features included in this Module.

Procedure Module

The ultimate way to minimize your chance of errors or omissions in your takeoff. Procedures guide you, step by step, asking questions; running Spreadsheets; calculating quantities; extending Resources and Assemblies; and confirming pricing. Procedures may be easily written, pasted together, and tested using the optional Procedure Module.

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