ConTracker E Z

A software system designed by ConTracker EZ for construction companies.

About ConTracker E Z

Estimating and Management Software for Roofing, Siding, and Specialty Contractors.

ConTracker E Z is an estimating software program designed to help you estimate small and medium projects in minutes. Estimates can be broken down to include materials with quantities, labor, and proposals by line. Estimates can be as simple or as detailed as you prefer.

If you get the job, with the click of a button, you can have a Purchase Order to get materials delivered, a Work Order to hand to the crew to get the job done, an Estimate Summary for Job Costing, or Job breakdown to include margin for Insurance Companies or customers that like to see costs broken down.

Are you using Act or Quickbooks, with the click of a mouse transfer contact information from ConTracker into a dozen similar programs. Are you getting leads from the internet, click a button and have AddressGrabber type the lead into ConTracker for you.

If you don’t get the job, you can run reports that show, how many estimates you’ve done, where they came from, what has, what hasn’t sold, and even which estimates still have to be done. With the click of a mouse you can add a customer to a follow up list, so you can bug them till they buy, or die.

And with a built in link to MS Word and MS Excel, you can send letters, or further evaluate your data.

With 3 versions available, one is bound to be a good fit for you. Our Standard and Special Edition versions are for smaller companies that like to put in their own products and pricing, in our Premium Edition, we can build them for you. So if you’re not a big computer fan, or you are already overworked and you are looking for a solution off the shelf that works the way you need it - Premium would be a good fit for you.

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