A full accounting software system designed by Marathon System Services for startups and small organizations.

About eCaliper system

Marathon Systems offers the industries most flexible estimating software, eCaliper. eCaliper allows your estimators to do detailed takeoffs with or without a digitizer. eCaliper is a unique estimating system that simply allows you to user define the estimating system to fit how you estimate, as opposed to you fitting the system.

Estimating is an important part of your construction business. All successful projects need to start on the right foot. Preconstruction services such as estimating, planning, and design development are the contractor’s starting point. This is the phase where the major cost issues and the overall success of the project is most often determined.

If bids are more demanding and you have less time, but need to lower costs and increase revenues we can help you. By utilizing our powerful estimating system, eCaliper, you achieve these goals. Not only can eCaliper help you to estimate 50%-200% faster with its extensive set of tools, but it can standardize your company’s estimating process by improving standardization and increasing accuracy and productivity.

With over 35 fully integrated modules, Marathon Systems offers one of the industries most comprehensive construction software systems on the market today. The Marathon System helps contractors with bid day, takeoff, estimating, proposal management, project management, financial management, accounting, equipment, inventory, service and customer management, remote job entry and payroll entry, payroll, purchase orders, and document imaging.

The Marathon Systems G2 Job Cost Software will adapt to how you do business. The system is extremely user definable, allowing you to set up how you track your job, in any amount of detail. History is kept on line for as long as you want and gives you complete drill down capability to any transaction. You can drill down from a summary job cost report to the accounts payable posting, to the purchase order detail, and all the way to the general ledger debit and credit. We even allow you to drill down to the actual invoice if you have scanned the invoice into the system.

We also allow you to user define your reports anyway to want. The Marathon System has an easy to use report writer that allows you to see the information that is most important to you and your business. Using the report writer, you can get a real time Dashboard of reports that gives you all the relevant and critical information you need immediately to run your business. Each user can have real time Dashboard reports that give that employee the information they need, your project managers can see their jobs in the format they need giving them key performance indicators (KPI’s) that allow them to stay on top of the progress of their jobs.

The Marathon Systems G2 Job Cost Software has the flexibility to help any type of contractor, general contractor, subcontractor, heavy highway and road builders, HVAC, service contractors, engineering companies, and contractors like you. Marathon Systems deals directly with your company.

Paying your vendors and sub contractors is vital to stay in business. The accounts payable application allows you to track all of your vendors, invoices received and terms for payment to ensure you are paying your vendors in a timely manner.

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User Reviews of eCaliper system

Submitted on December 10th, 2013 by an anonymous eCaliper system user.

The software is fairly simple, but does contain many features which could be used. However, for our companies purposes only the most basic payroll system was necessary. It is not the most user friendly system to start with, but the customer service is great and makes using it easy.

The Good…

The support they provided for their product made it easy to use, and if any issue happened they were able to help resolve it.

The Bad…

The user interface is a little complex if you are a novice or not used to working with computers, but if someone was well acquainted with computers it isn’t too bad.