Milk Procurement System (MPS)

An accounts payable application designed by Biwer and Associates for accounting/legal/professional companies.

About Milk Procurement System (MPS)

The primary function of the Milk Procurement System (MPS) is to expedite a dairy cooperative’s producer payroll process. This is accomplished using a complex system that documents the pickup, testing, delivery of milk, and issues payment to producers of milk and those responsible for its transport. In addition to tracing the movement of milk as it is picked up, tested, and transported to the plant, the Milk Procurement System issues checks and records financial information for producers, haulers, and vendors. MPS facilitates the dairy cooperative’s producer payroll process from beginning to end.

The MPS allows an infinite number of assignments/deductions to be specified for the Producer, Haulers, and/or Vendors. The assignments that are assigned to each individual Producer (Mandatory and/or Producer Assignments), Hauler, and/or Vendor may be assigned a level of hierarchy. This level of importance, or deduction order, determines which assignments are to be taken from the party’s payment check.

If there is not enough money to pay an assignment, the MPS uses the hierarchy designated and takes only those assignments that it has enough money to pay or partially pay. The MPS will then create a check to be paid to the Vendors that are to receive the Assignment Payment. The Vendor’s check may detail all the Producers, Haulers, and/or Vendors that are paying them an Assignment.

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