A full service ERP solution for agricultural companies.

About Agribusiness

The agricultural industry is unique. The inventory management and sale of product is like no other industry which is why it is important to have an industry specific solution.

Agribusiness allows the user to manage grower accounting, warehouse operations, sales and the general ledger.

The system supports bulk fruit receiving, packing, inventory, sales, shipping and grower settlements. It also has a fully integrated general ledger.

Accounts Payable

Integrated with the general ledger is the accounts payable module which offers:

  • Void checks and set up to repay
  • Print checks optionally ‘On-Demand’
  • Custom Positive Pay
  • Supports multiple banks and printed check formats
  • handles both manual and system-printed checks


  • Up to nine budget periods supported
  • Budget timeframe independent from fiscal year
  • Post multiple G/L accounts to one budget account
  • Allocate on G/L account to multiple budget accounts by percentage

General Ledger

The general ledger package, which is included with Agribusiness, allows for multiple company accounting from one interface. User-defined financial statements meands you can create multiple format styles for various levels of management reporting. Also, track/report on 1099’s, manage depreciation schedules and manage multiple fiscal years without purging data.

Here are some other features:

  • Supports Multiple Companies
  • Multiple Active Batch Support
  • General journal and recurring standard general journal
  • Accrual G/L Entries with automated reversing journal
  • Reversing Journal
  • Ability to change journal posting date
  • User defined financial statements
  • Automatic interface from all subsidiary systems
  • Check Reconciliation
  • 1099 tracking and reporting
  • Depreciation Schedules
  • Automated year-end closing journal
  • Supports multiple fiscal years without purging data.

Pallet Ticketing

  • Prints pallet tickets at the palletizing area
  • Ability to re-print a selected ticket on-demand
  • Online pallet inventory and sales inventory updates
    • Pallets to be shipped compared to orders on line by scanning bar coded pallet tickets at the shipping area *Pallet inventory reduced in real time at shipping when pallet tickets are scanned and accepted on the order
  • Supports shipping partials pallets and maintains history of all shipments
  • Supports and tracks multiple fruit pools and growers on the same pallet
  • Supports tracking pallet location by building, room, row, stack and level
  • Pallet history archives data including:
    • Grower’s packed boxes and lot numbers on each pallet
    • Order number and shipment tracking
    • Location of pallet in the warehouse
    • Supports multiple lines of comments
    • Records user ID and date of all data entry transactions for each pallet
  • Bar coding/scanning minimizes manual entry errors
  • Supports RFID printing
  • Detailed history tracking including user ID and date of entry, date packed, packing line, shift, grower number, lot number, order number, shipment and warehouse location.


  • Define multiple companies in one system
  • Supports salaried, hourly and piecework employees
  • Piecework bonus for all or selected employees
  • Automated minimum wage adjustments for piecework
  • 401(k) plans and flexible benefit plans
  • Employee loans and payroll advances
  • Employee earnings history
  • Pension Accounting
  • Labor distribution by employee and department
  • Payroll journal with posting to general ledger
  • Print payroll checks or process direct deposit
  • Process hand-written checks


  • Multiple, concurrent time card entry batches
    • Up to 9 active and 9 future payroll batches
    • Up to 9 preliminary (2 permanent) batches
  • Custom clock interface
  • Time card bonus pay
  • Print time cards from the system


  • Payroll tax reports
  • W-4 exempt status checklist
  • Prints W2’s

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