A full ERP system designed by dbc SMARTsoftware for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining companies.

About GrainSMART

GrainSMART meets the needs of a broad spectrum of grain, oilseed and commodity related business activities: plant ingredient procurement, commodity purchases, sales, storage, merchandising and trading.

GrainSMART’s ability to integrate with corporate accounting systems, with electronic weigh scales (NTEP certified), with third party ticket imports, its complete user security, its independence from hardware, database and operating system and its scalability to hundreds of users make it the preferred choice for agribusiness.


  • Provides a competitive advantage
  • Operational efficiencies with fast ROI
  • Improved access to corporate information providing effective control
  • Real-time Risk Management for commodities, counter-parties, and currency
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Easy to install, easy to use, easy to support
  • Promotes best practices from over 100 leading agribusinesses
  • 130 man-years development over seven years ensures a very high degree of fit with your business needs
  • Reliable, Scaleable, Adaptable to your business without modifications
  • Affordable with high value proposition
  • Choices of database, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase
  • Ability to participate in User Groups

Accounts Payable

A multi-company, multi-currency application, which is integrated to GrainSMART as well as a complete standalone A/P for non-commodity invoice recording and payment. You can choose by Location whether to use this A/P or export to a corporate A/P. The integrated aspect allows the user to select by location whether GrainSMART payments are to be made from the settlement, accrual processes or from this A/P. In both circumstances complete G/L distribution accompanies the transaction. Invoices not related to commodity trading can also be entered.


  • Better control because customer/vendors have the same id
  • Reduced risk with trading partners
  • Reduced risk with lienholders
  • Efficiency of operations
  • Source data availability with drilldowns to documents
  • Reduced cost of check forms

Accounts Receivable

A multi-company, multi-currency application which is integrated to GrainSMART as well as being used as a complete standalone A/R for non-GrainSMART invoicing and payment receiving. You can choose by Location whether to use this A/R or continue to export to a corporate A/R. If integrated then sales advance settlements, advance voids, final settlements, voids, debit/credit memos (sent to A/R), storage/drying month-end invoices are updated real-time to the A/R complete with G/L distribution. A/R invoices not related to commodity trading can also be entered along with their G/L distribution.


  • Better control because customer/vendors have the same id
  • Reduced risk with trading partners with credit checking & contras
  • Efficiency of operations
  • Source data availability with drilldowns to documents
  • Credit alerts from Sales Contracts/Orders

Advance and Final Settlements

Advances, final settlement, deferred settlements, simulated settlement, advance and settlement voids are available for tickets applied to purchase and sales contracts as well as ‘spot’ inbound and direct-ship tickets. Tickets can be ‘reversed’ from a final settlement instead of voiding the settlement in which case a debit/credit memo is created.

Settlements process all computations including: grade factor discount/premiums, with optional averaging, grade discounts, cross-applied product discounts/premiums, contract price adjustments, carry, contract multi-origin/destination freight differentials, ticket freight charges, drying, storage charges, discount schedule deduction/additions, DP charges, delayed payment premiums, up to three checkoff/levies, and three levels of tax (GST/VAT), including tax on checkoff levies. Manual adjustments are shown as well as Debit/Credit memos applied to this settlement.


  • Deep functionality means a high degree of fit for your business with a few workarounds
  • High efficiency due to batch processing and refined procedures
  • Professional laser printed appearance of settlements with complete producer detail
  • No worries about overpayment due to computational error or missed data
  • Ability to make corrections such as ‘reversing’ tickets without voiding settlements
  • Easy to use with few windows

Contract Management

Contracts can be for purchase, sale or other. The ‘other’ permits the setup of customer-owned storage types (with storage rates) as well as multiple company owned offsite storage facilities. All contract types: Flat priced, Basis, HTA, DP, Inter company, Open Storage, Warehouse Receipt, etc. are user defined with their own user setup, legal verbiage and numbering.

Pricing can be for the entire contract or in any increment; by pricing Unit-Of-Measure which may be different than the contracted UOM. Market Zone adjustments, which consist of accruals and workbacks break the Basis and Price down to Net Basis and Net Price for effective Brought-To-Market valuations. All pricing and MZ adjustments are multi-currency. Only commodities traded on a Futures Exchange require the entry of Futures/Basis/Option Month. The option month can be rolled by contract or batch rolled. All pricing activity automatically creates amendments. Carry, price adjustments, and freight differentials automatically calculate for settlement. ‘Settlement splits’ can be identified.

  • Efficient operation since traders can point & click to enter contracts
  • Fast data entry from multiple user defined defaults.
  • Contracts can be duplicated with a single click
  • Position is updated instantly for every contract change, pricing and ticket application.
  • Position is updated instantly for every contract change, pricing and ticket application.
  • Professional appearance of all contract/amendments.
  • Automatic signing of documents.
  • Complete auditing and management control.
  • Reduced risk with credit checking
  • Better control because customers/vendors have the same id.
  • Foundation for reporting, basis analysis, Brought-To-Market.

Foreign Exchange Contracts (F.E.C.'s)

These programs are used by exporters/importers who buy/sell or incur liabilities in foreign currencies. Risk exposure to currency fluctuations can be controlled by hedging the currency with an F.E.C. typically taken out with a counter party such as a bank.


  • Risk reduction by controlling currency loss
  • Lock in margins on exports and imports
  • Operational control on high value currency contracts

Futures and Options Risk Management

This suite of programs is a complete solution for Futures & Options. It permits the entry of a wide variety of futures and options trades such as; Day, Market, MOC, EFP (versus cash), Office Transfer, Spreads and others. Office Transfers are used for Central Hedge capability.

The main data entry program is the Trade Blotter. It relies on table setup, which permits multiple accounts for a Location, multiple commodities, brokerage firms, traders and commission rates by account. Trades may be cross-hedged for non-traded commodities as well as linked to cash contracts. Pricing up to 7 decimals permits trading in any commodity including currencies. A ‘filled’ trade automatically updates the Risk Position in real-time.


  • Risk reduction by hedging
  • Integrated with Position for complete risk management
  • Best business practices of the world’s largest agribusinesses
  • Fast, efficient, accurate recording of trades
  • Instant information from queries and reports
  • Integrated with General Ledger

General Ledger and Financial Reporting

Designed as a multi-company/division/department G/L with single currency. The application permits multiple ‘(ID)entification’ centers or profit centers each with its own chart of accounts. Data can be both units and dollars on the same account with up to (13) user-defined periods for current year, previous year, budget, and model balances. Security is provided by user at the Id Center level as well as by program.


  • Improved access to financial information
  • Ability to track every transaction to its source and view the document
  • Real time update from sub-ledgers therefore instantaneous financial information
  • Easy setup across multiple locations by cloning
  • Ability to analyze profit per ton or bushel
  • Comparisons to budget and prior years data

Inbound/Outbound/Direct Tickets

All Ticket Entry type requirements are available: Inbound Intransit, Inbound Unload, Outbound Loadout, Outbound Unload and Direct Ship. These require the recording of ticket information with application to contracts. Alternatively, for Merchandisers and other operations, the contract can be selected first and our suite of ‘Enter Vehicle’ programs provide similar functionality. Contract application is automatic.


  • Increased productivity from fast, efficient data entry.
  • Ability to easily find and track any ticket, its splits and applications.
  • Errors minimized with edits like G/F min/max’s.
  • Easy error correction.
  • Security with weigh scale integration and prevention of change after application, position audit trail.

Inventory Costing

Unique in the marketplace, the Inventory Costing application addresses the requirements of grain, commodity ingredients and non-commodities integrated completely into a single software module. Costing methods include Weighted Average, FIFO and Lot controlled products both at On-Site and Off-Site facilities.


  • A single system for commodities with grade factor discounts, commodities and non-commodities
  • Provides the foundation for analysis of profitability
  • Information on where I/V is located and how much, at your fingertips
  • Effective I/V control improves cash flow

Order Logistics

These programs provide a logistics bridge between contracts and tickets. Orders can be entered and allocated against Sales/Offsite Storage contracts as well as Purchase/Offsite Storage contracts. This enables the user to record a customer’s order and schedule deliveries from a company location to a customer or an offsite storage facility to a customer or direct-ship from a supplier to a customer.


  • Operational control of outbound and direct ship deliveries.
  • Scheduling
  • Error reduction
  • Efficient since contract application and freight accruals are automated.
  • Random authorization numbers preclude risk of theft.

Risk and Physical Position

Real-time position management for both risk and physical inventory is based on transactions which are created whenever contracts are priced, increased, cancelled, washed, decreased, overfilled, closed with outstanding balances; tickets recorded as intransit inbounds, unloads, loadouts, direct-ship ticket applications to contracts, futures & delta adjusted options trades, as well as numerous other sources.


  • Risk reduction from real-time update.
  • Risk reduction from integrated cash contracts, inventory, and futures & options transactions.
  • Position is a by-product of daily activities, therefore completely automated.
  • Better control and operational confidence due to transaction drilldown and independent validation programs.

Sales Analysis

Like an iceberg, much of the Sales Analysis lies beneath the view of the observer. Sales transactions, which form the core of the application, are extracted from Sales Settlements. If Inventory Costing is also enabled these transactions include cost information as well as sales.


  • Instant information on profitability
  • Provides sales & profit information by Group and by Commodity
  • Allows for Trading staff performance evaluation
  • Provides instant reporting on sales trends
  • Multi-currency sales can be converted into HOME currency for consolidated reporting
  • Sales and Costs are captured at the lowest level to allow high or low level reporting
  • Detailed costing, including direct costs such as freight and brokerage cna be automatically assigned to sales transactions

The Additional Solution Components


  • Instant gain/loss
  • Faster receivables
  • Payables contral
  • Flexibility
  • Control and auditing
  • Efficient operations since double data entry avoided
  • Accuracy from source data without key mistakes
  • Huge productivity gains
  • Tamper proof

The Commodity Management Challenge

GrainSMART introduces a ‘mirror image’ concept: for each transaction relating to a Purchase contract there is a corresponding function for a Sales contract. This has led to a clean, easy to learn design in which purchase and sales contracts are created in the same window. Inbound and outbound tickets are applied to purchase and sales contracts using similar windows and function, direct ship tickets to both purchase and sales contracts and settlements can be either payments or invoices. Risk Position is updated real-time from all transaction types, which affect risk. Accruals are created from both purchase and sales transactions.


  • Easy to use but addresses complex issues
  • Table driven which means the software adapts to your business. Not the other way around
  • Introduces the best management practices from leading agribusinesses
  • Risk reduction from real-time position and hedging transactions
  • Very efficient data input/output providing productivity gains
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • A complete solution with no gaping holes which eliminates spreadsheet ‘islands of data’
  • High payback on Return on Investment with little downside risk

The Information Systems Challenge


  • Deployability. Your choice of db, server os, workstation os
  • Maintainability. Self installable. Patches and new versions automatically update.
  • Scaleability to giga-bytes of data and hundreds of users
  • Reliability from testing procedures and hundreds of customers over multi-year operation.
  • Supportability with hotline service, internet downloads, internet bulletin board, access to technical knowledge base

The International Challenge

GrainSMART offers an internationally proven commodity trading solution. With installations in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, GrainSMART’s flexibility has been proven with respect to local taxes, international trading and hedging practices.


  • Contract in multiple currencies
  • Pooling Options with multiple advances
  • Inventories in Multiple Currency, based on Location set-up
  • Multi-grade Contracts with cross-application to different products
  • Foreign Currency Exchange contracts
  • National Grower Card Processing
  • Handling Shrinkage for correct Inventory and Position Reporting
  • Federal and multiple State-based Levies with ease of payment and reporting
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Carry to be applied to contracts as required

Product Overview

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