Streamline your entire farm operation with Farmer Core from Trimble Ag Software.

About Farmer Core

Famer Core from Trimble Ag is a complete farm cost management package, fully integrated that maintains your books on both the accrual and cash basis. This allows you to know exactly how profitable each enterprise really is on your farm, while still maintaining the records you need for tax purposes.

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Features of Farmer Core

  • Double entry farm accounting for both cash and accrual sets of books.
  • Integrates with the Farm Trac field mapping system to keep accounting records at the same time as keeping field histories, herd notations, and chemical records.
  • Inventories are kept up-to-date, based on purchases and usage. Thus, you are able to print a listing at any time and know the exact amount of inventory you have on hand.
  • Profitability of each field or herd of animals is calculated. Keeps track of all the expenses that go into each field or herd so that you know exactly which ones are making money, and why.
  • Detailed records of costs associated with each piece of equipment are kept.
  • Easy-to-read reports are provided with valuable detailed information on each field, herd, or piece of equipment, as well as the financial statements that your lender may want to see on a regular basis.
  • Predefined accounts and financial statement formats are available that can easily be modified to customize your chart of accounts and financial statements.
  • Easy-to-follow online help screens and tutorials are available that can be accessed anytime you have a question.
  • No monthly closings are required and year-end close has never been easier. Reports can be run at any time for any prior periods.
  • Generate detailed market value balance sheets.
  • Keep track of all of your personal/family living costs separate from farm costs.
  • Full payroll system calculates federal, FICA and most state withholdings.
  • Budget area allows preparation of budgeted cash flows with easy-to-read reports.
  • Record animal weights and feedings to get feed conversion and cost per pound gained for each group of livestock.
  • Tax schedule area allows you to create reports to make tax preparation easy.
  • Full check-recording system. Includes an interactive check register, the ability to print computer checks, and an easy to use checkbook reconciliation area.

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User Reviews of Farmer Core

Submitted on December 10th, 2018 by Anonymous

I began using Trimble software in 2011, but before that I was using Trimble monitors and displays beginning in 2009.

I began using QuickBooks for my financial reporting and SMS software for my mapping. We’ve been mapping since 2002, so I was familiar with SMS software. I was using a lot of spreadsheets to keep track of things I couldn’t do with my financial software for field planning.

I was looking for something that would be fully integrated because it was difficult to piece all that together. I began my search for software that would really accomplish the integration of everything so we didn’t have double entry of data and run the risk of errors.

In that search I looked at Trimble Ag and saw it was fully integrated so I made the switch.

I’ll have to say it was quite a learning curve for me because it did so much. We use a software, we write our own scripts for fertility and we write our own scripts for corn and soy beans. The software really did a good job with that. It’s easy to use in that respect.

Trimble was doing things in the industry as far as technology was concerned long before anyone else had even thought about it.

Submitted on October 16th, 2018 by Elizabeth Revell

My favorite feature of Trimble Ag Software would be the record keeping portion. As the food safety coordinator, that’s one of ht largest parts of my job and the most time consuming also. Having a record-keeping portion for our pesticides or fertilizers and everything like that helps me save time.

Trimble Ag Software to me allows me to keep global GAP audit concise and put it all in one place so you get the whole picture of what happened in that particular ranch and what is being grown on it.