A web-ased fully integrated platform for the agricultural industry.

About iRely i21

iRely i21 is an enterprise solution for the Agriculture and Petroleum industries. i21 is a browser-based platform that can provide all the needed tools to manage your agriculture business from origination to retail distribution.

The software provides functionalities for four key areas:

  • Grain Origination: For grain elevators, feed mills, and commodity management
  • Feed Management: Tracks customers, recipes, mixes, inventory, grain position, and more.
  • Crop Inputs and Agronomy: Field applications and customer shipments.
  • Ag Retail and Farm Store: Integrated POS, inventory tracking, and cost/price tracking

Video Overview


  • Origination
  • Procurement
  • Trade
  • Risk Management
  • Inventory
  • Processing
  • Retail Distribtution
  • CRM
  • Financial Accounting

User Reviews of iRely i21

Submitted on November 16th, 2012 by Sherry Lott from Jackson Farmers

We have grain elevators, a fuel station, and 3 seed stores. We just recently had iGuide installed on our system 4 months ago. We have the tables set up that I want and that we use. We can look at plans and have all the information we need right there. I like that everything is there at my finger tips. In the past I would have to run 4 different reports to get the info I want.

It’s a very simple software and it’s awesome because it saves me time.

Submitted on October 15th, 2012 by John Dahl from Tri County Feed Service

We primarily focus on manufacturing grain and retail.

As you grow you need to evaluate your software and financial programs. We were trying to bring in something for the point of sale because we have a good retail location. We needed to accommodate our retail needs and we wanted to put our hands around the cost of inventory. We needed to track a lot of lot numbers and manufacturing blends. This tool has made that a lot easier. I’m happy we made the move to this software.

My favorite feature is the inventory management. The ability to change prices and keep track of that is nice.

Submitted on August 29th, 2012 by an iRely i21 user from Buchheit Inc.

We were on a software system that was windows based and DOS based and we had tremendous issues with our data.

One of the ROI was the fact that we could create more efficiencies such as in settlements.

My favorite feature is that it has the F9 key which when I hit that I can drill down to see the customers information or see the settlements information for the bushels and the unpaid settlements and how much is on BP.

Submitted on May 11th, 2012 by Jimmy McDonald from Swink Oil DBA Quality Oil and Gas

We were using 4 separate software packages… payroll, fixed assets, accounting, and our propane business was on a separate software package. Double posting and reporting in GL was a nightmare.

iRely has allowed us to add a lot of automation with credit cards.

The modules work great together between inventory and service stations. I love the reports, mostly the inbound tax reports, which was something we didn’t have before.

The support staff are more like consultants because they are quick to learn our business. They come up with a solution and talk it through with us so we understand.