A solution for medium to large dairy organizations.

About MPIS

MPIS has been configured to perform many different types of calculations related to the procurement of dairy commodities. Several complex payment methods have been addressed including butterfat pricing, yield formulas, and component pricing. A wide range of premium structures has also been accommodated including component based, weight based, and zone based configurations. Hauling calculations, both farm deduction and hauler payment, have also been part of our standard packages.

The capabilities found within the MPIS application range from managing farm profile information (including the complex relationships between the producers) to the tracking of farm milk for check generation and government reporting.


Farm Financial Information

  • Maintains producer financial information, including relationships with external financial entities.
  • Recognizes and supports fiduciary responsibilities (security and integrity) of the enterprise for the producer/financial entity relationship.
  • Allows for enterprise owned or managed services for producers, such as insurance and supply sales.

Calculation of Period Values

  • Utilizes a common, table-driven method that provides clients with the hands-on, user-definable capability to establish a full range of computations for payment, premiums, penalties, and incentives based on volume, quality, or any other client-specific requirement.

Processing of Payments

  • Supports advance or partial payment during the production period.
  • Generates statements for both the production and financial period.
  • Supports payment by check or by electronic funds transfer, by either generating the checks or interfacing with Oracle’s Accounts Payable package.
  • Provides general ledger with payment and related financial values.
  • Allows for the issuance of payments to third parties for properly authorized assignments made by producers.
  • Issues payments for marketing and transportation services.


Entity Profiles

  • Stores relevant data for each producer, as well as any entity associated with the producer.
  • Maintains pertinent field service representative information such as farm events or visits to a farm.
  • Provides a repository for hauling information, including driver data, route scheduling, and farm-to-market rates.
  • Maintains information relevant to plants or sites and their receiving tanks and silos.
  • Provides direct link to manufacturing accounting.
  • Compiles detailed lab data from producer payment tests, to special tests, to fluid plant tests and compares results to a user-determined standard.


  • Records on-farm transactions and immediately links weight information to lab test results.
  • Allows for the recording of multiple tanks per truck, multiple trucks per tank, numerous delivery sites, partial deliveries, and plant-to-plant shipments.
  • Provides complete recording capability for every step of the hauling process.

Product Reconciliation and Reporting

  • Generates up-to-the-minute reports for reconciliation and record keeping.
  • Creates reports for government agencies, complying with local and federal reporting requirements.
  • Provides product and service value computation with direct interface to accounts receivable and invoicing.
  • Computes product cost values for internal manufacturing accounting.

Product Overview

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