Total Milk Management

Advanced Automation of the Milk Procurement Process

About Total Milk Management

TMM is an easy to use but very comprehensive application for your milk management needs. It includes Test Management (complete with statistical analysis), Patron Payroll, Milk Management, along with full support for FMMA Pooling and Reporting. You will not find a better Milk Management package than Total Milk Management.

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FMMA Reporting

Key Benefits

  • Generates both required Daily and Payroll report databases.
  • Converts data into the FMMA reporting standards.
  • Very little operator interaction required.
  • Free electronic transfer from the server to your regional FMMA.
  • Automatic dial-in transfer.

Milk Management and Billing

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use data entry dialog for your daily ýpickupý tickets.
  • Running weight total on daily entries for instant ýtie outý.
  • Both ýAý and ýBý grades permitted and tracked on the same ticket.
  • Integral database for receiving plants, handlers, haulers, and routes.
  • Integrated with payroll and components for Invoicing.
  • Comprehensive reports structure.
  • Automatic data transfer for Federal Milk Marketing reports.
  • Interfaces directly with the “Milk Pilot” palm top truck terminals.
  • Quick Look mini reports including “Pooling” information.

Patron Payrolls

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited Number of Partner splits with any split percentage.
  • Automatic data transfer for Federal Milk Marketing reports.
  • All Deductions and assignments are assigned fields for Federal Milk Marketing reports
  • Multiply Component or blend pricing.
  • Guess check and final or full settlements.
  • Dual pricing schedule permits alternate pricing.
  • Direct Deposit (ACH) for patron checking and savings.

Test Management

Key Benefits

  • Flexible input with regards to frequency of number of tests per patron.
  • Archived on a month to month basis for historical information.
  • Easy integration with various laboratory’s electronic formats.
  • Invisible integration with the Total Milk Management system.
  • Comprehensive reports for test analysis and government reporting.
  • Automatic test downloading from the FTCMA lab!
  • Interfaces with the PCM “Milk Pilot” palm-top truck terminal.

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