A process manufacturing and product costing solution for your Agronomy needs.

About ProSoftXP Agronomy

ProSoftXP offers unique modular solutions for all your Agronomy needs including monitoring of process manufacturing and product costing. A supplemental plant food analysis module enables the formulation of blends of nutrients with user-driven specifications.

Completely integrated with inventory control and order entry, you can blend by product, analysis or ratio, get guaranteed analysis, densities and application rates, and view least cost formulation by crop set. All inventories can be managed with OR without lot numbering and tracking.

Video Overview

  • Your Fertilizer Business benefits from accuracy in fertilizer dosages and use.
  • Your Seed Business will benefit from managing seed processing and blending, planning seed orders ahead of season and controlling any prepayments and seed bookings.
  • Your Chemical Business will achieve benefits from utilizing the License Restricted Management on a ýsale by saleý basis. Chemicals are appended to fertilizer order and system automatically calculates requirements based on the acreage involved.

Product Overview

User Reviews of ProSoftXP Agronomy

Submitted on June 11th, 2019 by an anonymous ProSoftXP Agronomy user.

We began using ProSoftXP for the 2009/10 harvest and have been pleased with the system. It was proven to be flexible enough to be adopted to the specific needs of our business and both local and head office support has been excellent

Submitted on June 11th, 2019 by Doug Jackson from Big Gain Feeds

What we like most about ProSoft is the flexibility of the software, able to handle multiple locations, and diverse pricing scenarios.

Submitted on June 11th, 2019 by Roger De Liege from Hoogwegt Australia P/L

The use of ProSoftXP has reduced our need for the internal use of Excel sheets. Prosoft has replaced Excel in a lot of ways. We now have a one stop shop for all our valuable information.