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About GrainTrac

Millions of bushels of grain are accounted for by GrainTrac on a dialy basis. What once started as a simple settlement system has matured like a fine wine into a very complete and seasoned grain accounting system.

Today GrainTrac is providing reliable service to hundreds of companies across the United States and Canada. Some of the oldest GrainTrac users have been with Vertical Software for over 20 years. They have seen GrainTrac grow and prosper from its humble beginnings to the powerful software system it is today. These companies have received many benefits from their original investment each and every year.

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  • Track Grain from Delivery to Settlement
  • Track Contract Balances- Purchase & Sale
  • Print Producer Friendly Statements & Checks
  • Print Customized Contract Forms, Delay Price Contracts, Deferred Payment Agreements & More
  • Changes in Ownership Fast & Easy
  • Track Grain Inventory
  • Track Company Long/Short Positions
  • Track Hedge Contracts
  • Bring Contracts to Market
  • Track In-Transit Shipments
  • Track Grain Storage & Grain Bank

From contract, to delivery, to storage, through settlement and to history, GrainTrac keeps track. It all starts with the delivery of a load of grain. GrainTrac captures the ticket information whether entered though ScaleTrac or GrainTrac’s ticket entry. Once entered, GrainTrac calculates the gross and net bushels, CWT, gallons or tons. Other discounts and premiums are automatically calculated according to your own discount schedules. Tickets can be applied to contract, spot, storage, price later(delay price) or grain bank. Position reports, customer reports and on-screen totals remain concurrent as of the last load entered. GrainTrac automatically calculates storage charges, price later charges, and dump charges and virtually any type of charge or premium can be managed through GrainTrac. GrainTrac will accrue the charges against the grain until the day of settlement or you may invoice for the charges the day of accrual.

For companies with multiple locations, Vertical Software has developed a variety of methods for providing timely company wide position, shipment and delivery reports. GrainTrac can be operated in a Terminal Server environment allowing each location to log onto a central server. Alternatively, GrainTrac can be used as a distributed database with each remote location maintaining purchase information and daily rolling shipment, position and other information to a central office where grain sales are maintained.

GrainTrac is a powerful grain payable system. Provisions are made for lien holders, tenant landlord splits, and deferred payments. Advance payments can be made and will be automatically deducted at the time of settlement. Grain settlements are detailed yet easy to read and understand. Discounts can be identified with the determining grade factor. Storage charges and check off deductions are plainly shown. Farmers like these settlements because they can efficiently read and understand them. When checks are issues incorrectly, GrainTrac provides an easy and painless way to reverse the settlements.

GrainTrac offers a powerful hands free reporting system. A report stream can be established for daily and monthly reports. GrainTrac will also store these reports making them easily accessible by anyone on the network. Stored reports can be displayed to the screen or printed at any time weeks even months later. Because of the diversity in the grain industry not all position reports are the same. That is why Vertical Software has developed a method, which allows them to provide you with a position report tailored to your specifications. They have a variety of daily position reports for your review.

Freight payables are easily maintained and managed with GrainTrac. Upon ticket entry freight payables can be established with payment made days or weeks later. GrainTrac’s freight settlements are detailed and complete.

Inventory evaluations, contracts to market by market zone, grain payables and grain receivable reports are only a few of the reports available to you from the GrainTrac end of month report stream. GrainTrac provides as much or little detail as desired. GrainTrac’s invoice summaries and check registers can be accessed for any individual or groups of customers for any range of dates. GrainTrac will also create journal entries to be posted to popular financial accounting systems. Posting to the general ledger can be done daily, weekly or monthly. Once a transaction has posted, GrainTrac flags it as posted so it will not post again. GrainTrac’s pre-post journal report shows each transaction that will affect the general ledger, providing a detailed accounting of each item.

Vertical Software has developed a method of providing top-notch software systems in a customized format. The GrainTrac software is a preference based system, which will adjust to the unique conditions and nuances of your business. Custom programming services are available at a reasonable rate in the event that additional software development is desired. The custom programming services insure that your original investment will be protected and that your GrainTrac system will continue to grow along with your changing business environment.

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