PubWorks Fleet Maintenance

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A comprehensive fleet management system

About PubWorks Fleet Maintenance

PubWorks Fleet Maintenance software is a complete fleet management system designed for any public works department. Fleet Maintenance tools are easy-to-use yet robust, able to help you successfully and efficiently manage diversified vehicle and equipment fleets both large and small.

This suite may either be purchased as a standalone system, or a part of the complete PubWorks product suite.

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  • Work Orders: Work Orders record all the work performed on a vehicle including date and odometer readings, labor and parts used and PM items serviced. Notes can be added and can be as detailed and lengthy as you like. Labor costs are automatically calculated. As parts are entered, parts costs are automatically calculated and your inventory is automatically updated.
  • PM Schedule: Using the PubWorks Preventative Maintenance Schedule allows you to easily exercise a key best management practice. The PM Schedule will keep you well organized and ahead of untimely repairs. This will save you time, money and keep your shop operating with greater efficiency. With PubWorks PM Schedule in place, it’s easy to stay on top of what’s due, overdue or upcoming.
  • Maintenance Reporting: PubWorks provides over 100 ready-to-run reports that are easy to customize with a click of the mouse. Robust, flexible reporting allows you to analyze the past, manage the present and plan the future of your operation.
  • Labor Tracking: PubWorks Fleet is designed to track work performed by your mechanics as well as work performed by outside contractors and vendors – it’s fundamental to the design.
  • Service Requests: Do you have a lot of repair requests coming from a variety of departments? Service Requests is the tool to use to help manage these requests. Convert them into work orders with a single mouse-click. Track them by department, vehicle class or custom fields like “repair reason” or “status”.
  • Equipment Inventory: You have a lot of vehicles and equipment to look after and keep track of. PubWorks can help you organize and manage them.
  • Parts Inventory: PubWorks helps you manage your parts inventory. As parts are consumed on Work Orders, their inventory quantities are automatically updated.
  • Fuel System Integration: PubWorks integrates with virtually every Fueling System in the marketplace.
  • Barcoding: When you scan a parts barcode, PubWorks will translate that bar code into part number and then insert it onto a Fleet Work Order. Or, you can search for the part in the inventory, create a new part for your inventory or use the part for an inventory adjustment, return or transfer.

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User Reviews of PubWorks Fleet Maintenance

Submitted on June 12th, 2020 by Michael Grossman from Evesham Township, NJ

PubWorks has so many great features, including a Fleet Maintenance module. I like that it’s all one system.