A higher education solution to streamline back-office operations.

About Oracle Student Cloud

Oracle Student Cloud is a higher-education ERP software that streamlines back-office operations and improves the student experience. The software provides financial aid management, real-time insights, and collaboration tools for both student, teachers, and administrators.

Oracle Student Cloud is the only complete cloud native student solution available on the market. The flexible architecture supports lifelong learning–including term, nonterm, continuing, and competency-based education.

The financial aid solution delivers game-changing efficiency through real-time synchronization with third-party data sources. With a powerful AI and conversational interfaces, the software drives a singular focus on improving student outcomes.

The secure and sustainable infrastructure protects institutional data and ensures reliable performance. The modular design enables institutions to chart their own path to the cloud, accelerating access to innovation while reducing business disruption.

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Oracle Student Cloud Features

The features and benefits of Oracle Student Cloud can be broken down as follows:

Oracle Student Management

Built natively to be flexible, insightful, and singularly focused on student success, Oracle Student Management frees institutions to deliver more innovative and effective programs.

  • Curriculum registry: Support different academic structures and items such as academic groups and course lists. Define a range of course options including duration, mode of instruction, description, location, associated fees, and enrollment requirements.
  • Multiple assessment types: Define credentials such as a degree or certificate to a program of study to be attached and awarded to a student.
  • Structured learning paths: Support individual learning journeys for any academic goal, by defining unique requirements (e.g., minimum number of credits, minimum grade or result) for a major, a minor or a certificate program
  • Academic calendars: Expand and define the time periods associated with learning activities, including the dates that students can enroll or drop courses, and the dates when grades are due.
  • Scheduled courses: Define instances of a course in which a student can enroll as a learning activity or event. This includes the assignment of staff, fees, and meeting information.
  • Student program assignment: Assign a student to an academic program such as major or minor, or manage a program pause or discontinuation.
  • Scheduled course enrollment: Enroll and drop individual students or a group of students, including waitlist options.
  • Enrollment controls: Assign a prerequisite to a course and allow or prevent a student to enroll.
  • Student results: Define, track, and manage course results and program credentials earned by a student, regardless of educational model.
  • Scheduled course roster: Access student contact information and email students from the course roster.
  • Grade roster: Enter results for individual students.
  • Pay-to-enroll: Manage billing and fees for pay-to-enroll programs and courses (e.g., for continuing education).
  • Sponsorships: Define third parties who sponsor learner activities; define the amount of the sponsorship and the eligible students and courses.
  • Proxy functionality: Supports proxy access to the student system to serve as an advocate for a learner (e.g., to make payments or apply for programs on their behalf).

Oracle Student Financial Planning

Manage each financial aid package individually and provide real-time visibility into a student’s entire program to support more responsible financial decisions and academic outcomes.

Oracle Student Recruiting

Optimize enrollment and improve recruiter productivity by identifying and targeting high-value prospects across digital channels, managing prospect pipelines, and improving forecast accuracy.

  • Multichannel Engagement & Outreach Campaigns
  • Social Monitoring & Engagement
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Prospect Qualification
  • Constituent Data Management
  • Recruiter Management
  • External Organization Management
  • Recruiting Tasks, Activities, and Calendars
  • Online Collaboration
  • Guided Recruiting Coach
  • Real-time Analytics

Oracle Student Engagement

Deliver the highly personalized, contextual digital engagement students expect, target interventions to boost retention and improve outcomes, and drive engagement with sharable social content.

  • Multichannel Engagement & Outreach Campaigns
  • Social Monitoring & Engagement
  • Comprehensive Dgiital Profile
  • Lead Soring and Qualification
  • Real-time Analytics

Student Support

Track student interactions, improve student engagement and satisfaction, and deliver the personalized experience modern students expect.

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User Reviews of Oracle Student Cloud

Submitted on August 1st, 2021 by Safra Catz

Designed with the student as the focal point and built with Oracle’s market-leading expertise across the entire technology stack, institutions can feel confident that Student Cloud drives rather than inhibits future innovation.