A cloud-based student information system (SIS) for higher education.

About Einstein

Einstein for Higher Education is a student information system developed by Orbund. The cloud-based SIS provides institutions with recruiting and retention, branded student applications, automated administrative tasks, instructor portals, self-service student portals, and more.

Einstein for Higher Education is used by postsecondary schools, academies, and online education platforms. The solution acts as a full featured SIS with an integrated CRM and learning management system (LMS).

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  • Application Portal: Supports application fees, credit card processing, website integration, direct application system.
  • Administration Portal: Student management, alumni management, contact management, class scheduling, invoice and payment process, custom reporting tools, clock hour program, credit based programs, financial aid, award letters, integration with QuickBooks, Docusign,
  • Instructor Portal: Online tests, online course material, incident and issue tracker, online assignment, class announcements, support learning tools, framework, online course videos, attendance and grades post, schedule, progress report, library and equipment reserve
  • Student Portal: Access class communications, online academic reports, online tests, assignment submission, incident and issue tracker, schedule, progress report, library and equipment reserve

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User Reviews of Einstein

Submitted on October 16th, 2018 by Monique Schwartz

I’m a recent client of Orbund. I chose Orbund because I have looked at other systems (I’ve been in education for 20 years) and used many SIS. Orbund is just easy to use. We’re going through the implementation process. The whole staff has been phenomenal. Our success is their success. I highly recommend their system as it’s so powerful.

Submitted on June 4th, 2018 by Al Whitley

We have online and on-site courses where we are teaching people to use CAD and BIM software.

We’ve been a client of Orbund for 4 years. It’s an integral part of our curriculum. The portal is used by our students.

We have different departments we can place our courses into. I can distribute the information by quarters and I have a template quarter to keep my source course materials.

I would like for you to consider using this program. I think you won’t find a better opportunity out there on the market.