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A human resources management system designed by ICS Computing.

About Human Resources

In today’s economic climate the effective management of Human Resources can often mean the difference between an organization’s success and failure, not only because people are an organization’s most valuable resource, they are also the most costly.

To assist with the effective management of this resource, we provide uniPims, a comprehensive Human Resource Management System encompassing Personnel Management, Absence Management, Recruitment Management, Training and Attendance Management and a web based e-HR System. Available as in-house software, uniPims can also be hosted to provide a fully outsourced solution.

Combining uniPims with our outsourced payroll service, or the uniPims in-house payroll module provides an organization with a single point of entry for all people related information.


With the increasing cost now associated with developing and maintaining an effective workforce, reducing non-holiday absence is a common goal of business today. The Absence Module with the personnel system provides all the necessary information for the reporting of employee absences, as well as the ability to analyze reasons and identify trends.

General employee information such as sickness and holiday details is complemented with absence categories, absence types and absence reasons, to provide a complete and accurate picture of an employee’s absence history. As the absence history builds up over time, the company can look and analyze trends, thus enabling greater forecasting and scheduling of work. Holiday details are maintained separately from other absences to enable holiday tracking and scheduling to be performed separate from the unscheduled absence tracking.

The Absence Module is also linked to the Payroll Management System, thus allowing absence information to be integrated with payroll information, for transmission to the ICS payroll service. The integrated approach means that elements of absence, such as holiday-to-date and sickness-to-date can appear on the employee’s payslip.

Fully integrated with other system modules and based on the WindowsTM Operating System the Absence Module combines control and management of absences, with tight security and point-and-click operation that is easy to use.

Key Features

  • Absence Categories
  • Absence Types & Reasons
  • OSP Qualifying Service and Entitlements
  • Infinite OSP Schemes per Company
  • OSP Calculations Fully Parameterised
  • Holiday Recording
  • Sickness Recording OSP
  • History / Benefit Reporting
  • Absence Trends
  • Integration with Payroll
  • Point-and-Click Operation
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Flexible Reporting Options
  • Graphical Display

Payroll Management

The ICS Payroll Management Module is the system which provides the integration between personnel data on the client site and the ICS payroll service. A highly versatile system, it provides a single entry point for all information, as well as offering a comprehensive on-site personnel database to the client. Using its powerful in-built cross-matching system, it also eliminates the duplication of data input, thus saving time and reducing error.

The Payroll Management Module is based on the MicrosoftTM Operating System and will normally be resident on PC or PC network at the client site. The system does not have to be permanently connected to the ICS payroll centre, thus reducing any costs associated with telecom.

The system holds general employee information such as payments, deductions, allowances and absence details etc. As new personnel information is entered, such as the changes to salary, allowances and absence details etc., the system automatically extracts the data changes and transmits them to the payroll for the next processing run. On completion of the payroll, all relevant information is transmitted back to the Payroll Management Module, where it is available for on-line enquiry and reporting.

The reporting on the stored data, which includes full current and year-to-date payroll information is provided with a range of tools, including a Windows-based Report Writer and a sophisticated EIS system, which provides full data mining capabilities. Such tools enable clients to quickly and accurately analyze the stored data, thus enabling them to respond to employee queries and produce virtually instantaneous management information.

The Payroll Management Module can be optionally linked to other modules within the Personnel suite, including Personnel Administration, Absences, Recruitment, and Training and thus provide a comprehensive and fully integrated Human Resource system.

Key Features

  • Up to 500 Pay Elements
  • Pay Elements Linked to Absence Types
  • User-Defined Analysis Codes
  • Mass Pay Element/Tax Code Updates
  • Statutory Details
  • Integration with Absence and OSP
  • Integration with Core Personnel Systems
  • Full Analysis Capabilities
  • Data Exchange with Payroll Service
  • User-Defined Reporting
  • User-Defined Screens

Personnel Administration

The needs of the Personnel Manager in providing a quality service to the workforce, combined with the requirement for fast reliable information on manpower planning, has resulted in the demand for a new breed of Personnel Systems. The nature of these powerful systems is that they are capable of analyzing and reporting on all aspects of people within an organization.

The ICS Core Personnel System is a powerful database and management reporting system, which will enhance the quality of the information you receive on your Human Resource activities. The system holds general employee information such as length of service, job description, salary information, location, grade, benefits, appraisals, health and safety etc. In addition a powerful diary facility allows you to create reminder messages and set up processes to run at particular times and dates for yourself and other users of the system. It also supports a ýchatý facility, to enable system users to communicate directly with each other.

Access to the system is controlled by tight security which can be configured to allow users to have different levels of access to the system. Context sensitive help is also provided, both at screen and field level and the use of the fully featured Report Writer allows information to be presented in a simple easy to use format.

The Personnel System has the option of linking with the payroll service, giving the user the benefits associated with an in-house system, with an off-site production service. The use of the system’s Payroll Management Module ensures that proper integrity of data is maintained between two systems.

Fully integrated with other system modules and based on the WindowsTM Operation System, the Core Personnel System combines detailed storage and analysis of personnel data, tight security and a point-and-click structure that is easy to use.

Key Features

  • General Employee Information
  • Diary
  • Salary & Job History
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Salary Modelling
  • Medical, Accident & Hazard
  • Career History
  • Person & Job Skills
  • Disciplinary & Grievance
  • Qualifications & Awards
  • Benefits
  • Organizational Charting
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Integrated Letter Processing
  • Integrated Report Writer
  • Document Management
  • Standard Reports
  • Integration with Payroll Service
  • Point-and-Click Structure


Selecting the right person for the right job is a key aspect of today’s Personnel Management. The Recruitment Module within the Personnel System provides all of the necessary processes and controls to manage the complete recruitment process, from the initial advertising of the post to the hiring of a new employee.

The system provides data on all the recruitment activity. This normally starts in the form of a campaign, which in turn is based on a particular job set or set of jobs. The required skills for the job can then be matched to these skills as they apply.

A key feature of the Recruitment Module is the design of the Recruitment Process. Each potential employee may go through a different recruitment process, e.g. directors will be different from that of administration staff. This workflow approach to recruitment, which also provides facilities to move successful candidates seamlessly into the main personnel database, optimizes the recruitment process, thus saving time and improving efficiency.

Fully integrated with our other system modules and based on the WindowsTM Operating System, the Recruitment Module combines the control and management of the recruitment process, with tight security and a point-and-click operation that is easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Campaigns Recruitment Sources
  • Vacancy Details
  • Applicant Details
  • Vacancy & Applicant Tracking
  • Skills Matching
  • Advertising
  • Correspondence
  • Integration with Other Modules
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • User-Defined Recruitment Process
  • Integrated Letter Generation
  • Direct Conversion from Applicant to Employee

Time and Attendance

In the current economic climate, organizations must be able to control their costs in every aspect of their operations. One way in which this can be achieved is by ensuring that employees are paid correctly - but only for the work performed.

Traditional methods of recording an employee’s time at work, such as clock cards and time sheets, are time consuming in the effort required to administer, and are subject to calculation errors which can be very difficult to identify. Even when the evaluated hours have been calculated correctly, this information has to be re-entered into the Payroll System to enable the processing of each employee’s pay.

There is an alternative method however, in the form of the uniPims Time and Attendance System, which is designed to meet the growing needs for organizations to effectively deploy their resources and more importantly, control their costs. UniPims Time and Attendance is a comprehensive time recording and attendance management package, providing a wide range of facilities to record, maintain and report on employee attendance information. It has been designed in a modular format and provides facilities for: Company Administration and Control, Employee Maintenance and Control, Analysis and Reporting and System Security. UniPims T & A is the most powerful and flexible system of its kind and provides comprehensive management reporting on the key areas of cost and manpower utilisation.

Fully integrated with other system modules, the uniPims T & A System combines the control of managing staff working on shifts, with tight security.

Key Features

  • Automatic Polling of Time Clocks
  • Automatic processing of time clock data at user specified intervals
  • Automatic allocation of time clock data to individuals’ shift patterns
  • All clockings may be manually corrected and re-processed
  • The system caters for absence
  • Processed hours can automatically be fed through to payroll
  • A full set of reports and enquiries are available
  • Most shift patterns are supported
  • Overtime is automatically handled
  • Fully integrated with all uniPims modules
  • Comprehensive security system within T & A allows for complete control and audit tracking of all activity within the system


Organizations are becoming aware that investment in the development of the workforce is a key ingredient in maintaining its competitive edge. Furthermore, the single largest element of this investment is undoubtedly the constant training and re-training of the employees to meet the changing needs of the business. Designed by Human Resource professionals, the Training Module provides the effective means of controlling all aspects of workforce training.

The general information held within the system includes course and module details, locations, instructors and employee training history linked to performance appraisals. The system will both control and manage the training needs and training courses, and allow users to build timetables, allocate instructors, and set locations for courses, taking into account the capacity of the location, as people are assigned to the course.

The Training Module also contains full details of course costs. This means that costs can be analyzed to ensure that the training budget is wisely spent.

Fully integrated with other system modules and based on the WindowsTM Operating System, the Training Module combines the control and analysis of training with tight security and a point-and-click system that is easy to use.

Key Features

  • Course Location
  • Course Instructors
  • Course & Module Details
  • Screen Tailoring
  • Word Processor Links
  • Training Cost Control
  • Training History
  • Training Needs
  • Integration with Performance Appraisal
  • Context Sensitive Help

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