AEB Customs Management

A central platform for managing your customs processes.

About AEB Customs Management

AEB Customs Management is a central platform for managing your customs processes. Through end-to-end IT integration and smart automation, you’ll be able to handle imports and exports across a number of key export economies through easy integration of customs brokers.

The software will help you take advantage of free trade agreements to make your products more competitive through worldwide sales.

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AEB Customs Management Features

The core modules of AEB Customs Management include:

Export Filing

Use Export Filing to transmit your data seamlessly to the local customs authorities. The customs system responds by transmitting the status of your declaration: e. g. release, export accompanying documents, and finally the proof of exit.

  • Seamless communications with customs
  • One central system for processing export declarations in multiple countries
  • Always up to date with changes to customs laws
  • Automated customs declarations
  • Integration into you host system

Import Filing

Control electronic import declarations for one country–or several countries. You can use Import Filing to transmit your data seamlessly to the customs authorities. This centralized application can also be extended for processing through customs service providers.

  • Seamless communications with customs
  • One central system for processing import declarations in multiple countries
  • Always up to date with changes to customs laws
  • Automated customs declarations
  • Integration into you host system

Customs Broker Integration

Customs Broker Integration digitizes the collaboration with your brokers, saves costs, and provides legal safeguards. All the data is transmitted together to your customs broker and appears in the broker’s system without any interruption in the digital data flow.

  • Transmission of customs instructions and documents
  • Status of customs declarations at the broker
  • Lower broker costs through coordinated collaboration
  • Easy monitoring of brokers’ quality of service
  • Integration into process and data workflow

EMCS Filing

EMCS Filing supports all the messages that shippers and consignees exchange with the relevant authorities in Germany and the UK. Starting with transmission of the draft e-AD to the customs office of departure and continuing all the way to the report of receipt when the process is complete. If you have the required authorization, the software will even process your monthly periodic entries.

  • Certified messaging with the customs authorities
  • Secure data transmissions through the AEB data center
  • Intelligent software wizard supports processing EMCS movements
  • Alerts when changes or irregularities are detected
  • Seamless integration into your ERP system

Origin and Preferences

Origin & Preferences finds out whether your company can take advantage of a specific preferential agreement. Determining whether a product qualifies for preferential origin and can therefore be imported into the country of destination under preferred conditions is extraordinarily complex, as it depends on the interaction of numerous rules. The software knows all the terms of EU and Swiss preferential agreements and takes them into account. Detailed documentation ensures that you can always provide the necessary information to customs authorities and your own customers.

  • Calculation of preferential origin
  • Calculation of minimum sales prices
  • Rules of origin that are always up to date
  • Process for requesting, managing, and issuing supplier’s declarations
  • Automated preference calculation
  • Integration into your processes and data structures

Product Classification

Product Classification from AEB offers intuitive wizards, reliable process management, and automated suggestions based on a learning algorithm to simplify how you classify your products.

  • Assigning and classifying products in line with national customs tariffs
  • Automated and manual classification options
  • Customs tariffs from more than 150 countries available
  • Integrated into your ERP system
  • Fail-safe customs tariffs and export control numbers worldwide

Supplier Declaration Exchange

Request or complete supplier’s declarations (SDs, LTSDs) electronically. Your supplier can input the necessary data for the SD/LTSD through the portal’s self-explanatory interface. The data can also be uploaded through an Excel spreadsheet or batch process. A wizard guides the supplier and ensures that the entries are in the legally required format.

  • Electronic request and processing of supplier’s declarations (SDs, LTSDs)
  • Automated deadline monitoring
  • Legal protections through data update service from AEB
  • Integration into your IT environment

AEB Customs Management Pricing

The cost of AEB Customs Management starts at $102/month. There is no free trial available. There is no free version available.

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