Order Fulfillment Software for Fast, Accurate Packing

About Logistyx Pack-IT

Logistyx Pack-IT is an order fulfillment software and order packing software for shippers to help improve productivity. The software lets workers scan, verify, and close orders to reduce packing times.

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  • Detailed product or line item tracking
  • Guided packing to eliminate errors
  • Real-time inventory visibility
  • Visual, sound and pop-up messages
  • Built-in, automated packing slips
  • Built-in ASN and EDI

Product Overview

User Reviews of Logistyx Pack-IT

Submitted on January 19th, 2018 by Ben Huffman from Legendary Whitetails

The system we had been using didn’t give us real-time data to maximize our efficiency. Our fulfillment team had to manually export orders from the order management system and import them into the shipping system. It was a tedious process and didn’t keep case with our business.

The Pack-IT software our packers can capture and validate each line-item by UPC and quantity shift. That allowed us to reach an outbound order accuracy rate above 99%. When you handle 60 orders an hour per station, this is key.