Lojistic (Intelliship)

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A shipping and package tracking software designed to reduce shipping rates. Previously known as Intelliship.

Product Overview

Lojistic, previously Intelliship, is a shipping and packing tracking designed to help businesses manage logistics operations and shipping processes efficiently. It offers a single dashboard for managing logistics, integrating with several major carriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Lojistic has the ability to compare rates from multiple carriers, ensuring the best possible deal for each shipment. Additionally, the platform provides detailed reporting and analytics, enabling businesses to identify areas needing improvement in their logistic processes.


  • Platform is free to use
  • Free API provides connections with carriers


  • Result-based and usage-based fees apply

Target Market

Small and medium-sized businesses seeking a straightforward solution to manage and optimize logistics and shipping operations.

Not Recommended For

Larger enterprises or businesses requiring advanced logistics management features.

About Lojistic

Video Overview


  • Order consolidation
  • Carrier rate shopping
  • Shipment routing
  • Drop ship and blind ship
  • Address validation
  • Manifesting and document printing
  • All shipping modes
  • Computer or mobile access


Intelliship is always free. There are result-based and usage-based fees for add-ons like:

  • Refund Recovery + Pau
  • Contract Optimization
  • Discount Group Parcel Rates
  • LTL/Truckload Marketplace

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Lojistic

Submitted on August 8th, 2016 by Hosea Poore

We ship out an average of 850 packages a day. Most are B2C residential delivers. When a customer receives the package they have an awesome experience from ordering on our site to when they receive it. The number one impact that this partnership with Intelliship was the savings. We were noticing we were using about $1M/year in sales. Lojistic helped us keep our valued employees and give them raises, as well as increase our product line offerings.