A software system designed by TruckMaster Logistics Systems.

About EnVision

EnVision takes all of your office processes and combines them into ONE powerful transportation management tool. Information entered in Dispatching flows seamlessly through Billing, Driver Settlements, Payroll and Accounting! The Customer and Carrier portals allow your customers and carriers access to all of their loads. They can upload documentation, view or submit invoices, and know the status of their loads without having to call or email, saving you valuable time! In addition to EnVision’s built in automation, there’s integration with 3rd party services such as load boards, carrier monitoring and tracking/ELD systems takes your automation and efficiency to a whole new level!


  • Dispatch and Scheduling
  • Quotes
  • Automated Customer and Carrier Rating
  • Customer, Carrier and Driver Web Portals
  • Full Accounting Capabilities
  • Driver, Leasor, and Employee Payroll

Target Market

  • Customers range in size and type of operation. Some customers include TL, LTL, and Intermodal.
  • Companies with 2-99 employees.


  • $5,000 upfront for a perpetual license or $199/month for 2 users
  • Purchased model and subscription-based model exist
  • Priced per user and priced per user/month depending on the option chosen.
  • No free-trial available

Product Overview

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User Reviews of EnVision

Submitted on April 19th, 2023 by Anonymous

EnVision has been instrumental in helping keep our business running efficiently on a daily basis.

The Good…

EnVision makes my job easier and helps me keep on task.

The Bad…

So far, I have no criticism of EnVision.

Submitted on April 10th, 2023 by Mark Lambert

The services we offer as a 4PL and logistics consultant are very complicated and are tailored to our customers, so we needed a software able to match those needs. TruckMaster is often able to help in both finding those solutions and adjusting and customizing the system to perform the process to any problem or software request.

The Good…

It is the only software I have used that is able to ride one order on multiple trucks and on multiple carriers, all using the same single order in the system while tracking the economics of that order’s revenue and expense, as well as and each loads revenue and expense appropriately and correctly.

It is also able to handle multiple customer’s orders, with various billing requirements moving on the same load while keeping track of each’s customer’s orders appropriate expense.

The automation that is available to be set up in the system will allow one user to handle a larger workload of orders and loads by performing many of the steps and tasks in managing an account for you. Confirmation of receipts of orders, auto tendering and auto carrier selection based on rates and order details, appointment request emails, confirmation of delivery, can all be set to be handled by the system as well as Pop Message reminders can all be set to appear at key moments during use of the software.

Most portions of the software are customizable upon request, where other systems are often not available to have anything changed and are out of the box as is only.

The Bad…

At times the software can be frustrating for the user if they are utilizing all of its functions and automation fully, due to the complex capabilities of the system it does take some time and training to learn how to utilize those capabilities and automation properly, however the end result and processes it will perform for you once all set are well worth the larger learning curve in the long run.