A flexible and powerful light-directed picking application

About LP Pick

LP Pick, the flagship Lighting Pick software by Matthews Automation of Matthews International, is the most flexible and powerful light-directed picking application available. Pick-to-light is the fastest operator-based picking strategy available. Ideal for team-based approaches like zone picking, this solution increases the pick rate productivity, accuracy and cost efficiency of this labor intensive process.

LP Pick is the number one installed pick-to-light system in North America, leading the industry both in new installations and in retrofits of legacy systems.

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  • Flexible, reliable hardware platform with deep catalog of features and options
  • The industry‚Äôs most advanced, proactive order fulfillment execution software
  • Fastest growing pick-to-light user community in both new installations and legacy system retrofit projects
  • Access to real-time statistics on picker productivity, order volumes and all system activities
  • Quickest training curve and start-up time
  • Best-in-industry innovation

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User Reviews of LP Pick

Submitted on January 7th, 2021 by Dave Tyler from The Hillman Group, Inc

One of the key reasons for choosing Lightning Pick was their experience in interfacing with Manhattan Associates, and the fact that they are a Manhattan Alliance partner. We met with the engineering interface team from Manhattan and Lightning Pick for one day that was all it took. From that point forward they took care of all the details. Having the Pick-to-Light interface nailed down allowed us to get the other equipment vendors moving along the same lines.