Hands-free order picking solution for warehouses

About PickRight

PickRight by ProCat is a hands-free order picking system with a universal interface. This solution delivers over 99% accuracy. Easy to learn, easy to use, and amazingly accurate, PickRight is as simple as scan, ding, then go!

PickRight gives order pickers immediate feedback after every scan. When a picker correctly scans a product barcode, the software will provide a chime sound or “ding”. However, if a picker scans a product barcode that is not on the pick ticket, a loud “buzz” tone stops the user from continuing.

The high accuracy provided by barcode scanning results in perfectly picked orders. Improve the performance of your facility by eliminating mispicks and getting PickRight.


  • Scanning item UPC ensures accurate picking
  • Correct picks are acknowledged with a chime
  • Incorrect picks trigger a buzz tone alert
  • Expiration date testing
  • Product temperature capture
  • Random weight supported
  • Lot number capture
  • Eliminate paper pick tickets
  • Batch picking, team picking, and zone picking functionality increases productivity by reducing walking
  • On screen prompting for next pick
  • Know actual pick rates for each employee
  • Real-time pick shift status reports by pick area
  • Access reports from any networked PC

Product Overview

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User Reviews of PickRight

Submitted on January 6th, 2021 by Eric Mcfarland

The juice is worth the squeeze. We’ve seen far more accuracy with PickRight than when we were picking with paper. We saved hours of time not having to dig through piles of paper to do research. The reports made this process so much easier.

Submitted on January 6th, 2021 by Hugh Raetzsch

Since installing PickRight over 10 years ago, we never once questioned that decision. Our pick rates drastically improved and our accuracy has never been better. ProCat continues to enhance their software to meet changing needs and is a great partner in my business.