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About ZetesMedea

ZetesMeda Logistics Execution provides quicker and error-free order picking for warehouses and distribution centers. More than 500,000 users now enjoy 99.9% picking accuracy.

Using ZetesMedea brings incredible benefits to your business, like the ability to fulfill more orders each day. You can also:

  • Get temporary workers up to speed quicker
  • Achieve at least 99.9% picking accuracy
  • Eliminate costly returns and penalties for mis-shipments
  • Enable expedited or same day shipping
  • Comply with changing traceability regulations
  • Gain scalability and flexibility as your operations demand

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  • RF Picking: Orders are confirmed as and when they happen providing real-time communication.
  • Registration is quick and easy as goods are scanned.
  • Picking combined with put to light: Mix and match technologies to provide the best order picking performance so you can offer customers more delivery options including individual or grouped orders. Orders will be picked in batches and then sorted using put to light.
  • Pick to light: Ideal if you run a high-volume order picking operation where different products are picked from small bins located close by to each other.
  • Voice picking: With voice picking, operators use a headset to receive and confirm orders so they can work hand and eyes free.
  • Picking with automated guided vehicles: Works with automated guided vehicles so your order pickers can benefit from good ergonomics in high volume picking environments.
  • Vehicle mounted picking: Ideal for less intensive picking operations, including pallet picking. You can use the same device for other warehouse processes like goods receipt, put away and replenishment.
  • Central management of apps and devices

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User Reviews of ZetesMedea

Submitted on January 6th, 2021 by Enrico Zadra

In our first year of using ZetesMedea, productivity increased by 20% and picking costs decreased by 17%.