Cost of Goods Sold app for Shopify developed by Resistor Software

About Profiteer

Profiteer is a plugin that helps businesses manage cost prices of their Shopify stores. The inventory and cost prices are all stored within Profiteer.

Video Overview


  • Track Profits and Sales Margins
  • Cost Price View
  • Automatic Currency Conversion
  • Sales Recording
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Calculation


The Basic Plan starts at $15/month.

A plan for large inventories is also available for $30/month. This plan is marketed towards merchants with over 25,000 SKUs.

A free, 3-day trial is available.

Product Overview

  • Developer Shopify
  • Type Accounting Software For Shopify
  • Client OS
  • Starting Price $15/month

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User Reviews of Profiteer

Submitted on May 25th, 2016 by Anonymous

Great, simple and really useful app that fills the gap for COGS in our Shopify plan. User-friendly, easy to follow manual and friendly support. Makes EOFY heaps easier!