Accounting Suite

A full ERP system designed by ADL Data Systems for health care & social services companies.

About Accounting Suite

ADL is a leading developer of software packages for Nursing Homes and other long term health care facilities. We offer integrated, comprehensive software modules for health care organizations including Subacute Care Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities, Assisted Living, and Continuing Care Retirement Centers (CCRCs). Our software is also in use at Psychiatric Hospitals, Mental Health Organizations, Mental Retardation Facilities, Rehabilitation/Specialty Hospitals, Social Service Organizations, and Inpatient/Outpatient Services.

Accounts Payable

ADL’s Accounts Payable module manages your long term care facility’s outgoing cash requirements. Extensive reports, including audit reports, are available for timely processing and management analysis. Multiple-facility organizations are accommodated.

Key Features Include:

  • AutoCheck Reconcile
  • Credit/Debit Memos
  • Detect Duplicate Invoice
  • Invoice Hold
  • Issue 1099s
  • Manual Checks
  • Multi-Banks Accts
  • Multi-Pay Cycles
  • On-line Inquiry
  • Payment Terms
  • Resident Refunds
  • Temporary Vendors

Accounts Receivable

Our Accounts Receivable module incorporates advanced features specific to the needs of long-term care and other healthcare organizations.

Key Features Include:

  • Attached Notes
  • Auto-Adjustments
  • Auto-Rebill
  • Auto-Cash Receipts
  • Census Summaries
  • Contractual Allowances
  • Custom Invoices
  • Custom Statements
  • Electronic Deposits
  • Electronic Receipts
  • Extended Aging
  • Multiple Ledger Formats
  • Interest
  • Length Of Stay
  • Open Invoices
  • Misc Cash Receipts
  • HMO Contracts
  • Private Invoices
  • Paysource Tracking
  • Unbilled Tracking


The Budget module is a powerful tool for planning, compliance monitoring and reporting. It enables a long term care organization to better track and control its expenses and revenues. For voluntary nursing homes, this module can assist in preparing the reports needed to present to the board of directors for approval.

Each defined General Ledger account has the ability to store budget information. The budgets can be entered, generated from G/L or previous Budget information with the options to apply formulas and/or trend factors to generate values, or imported from an spreadsheet program (Excel, Lotus, etc.).

Key Features Include:

  • Automatic Budget Creation
  • Automatic Budget Storage
  • Financial Or Non-Financial Based
  • Multiple Level Budgeting
  • Fixed or Variable
  • Can Base Upon Historical Data

Fixed Assets

Tracking assets, calculating and updating depreciations, and maintaining accurate records is time-consuming. ADL’s Fixed Assets system helps organize a long term care organization’s asset records for tax and insurance purposes.

Key Features Include:

  • Property Location
  • Depreciation Projection
  • Insurance Validation
  • Tax Control

General Ledger

ADL’s General Ledger module is a highly flexible and interactive reporting system, designed specifically for long term care organizations that require extensive financial controls and reporting capabilities.

Key Features Include:

  • Multi-Corporate
  • Multi-Facility
  • Multi-Services
  • Multi Care Levels
  • Restricted Funds
  • Automatic Rounding
  • Automatic Accruals
  • Automatic Reversals
  • Standard Journal Entries
  • Recurring Journal Entries
  • Statistics
  • Auto-Year End Closing
  • Uniform Chart of Accts
  • User-Defined Periods

Human Resources

ADL’s Human Resources module maintains a personnel database for your long term care facility or chain of facilities. Some of the data is used by the Payroll system. Human Resources will function as an integrated module or as a stand-alone for facilities using outside payroll services. With the exception of hours worked, all other employee-related data can be entered by the Personnel Department.

Key Features Include:

  • Position Control
  • Slot Control
  • Employee Profile
  • Benefits Administration
  • Payroll Data
  • Pension & Welfare
  • Union Data
  • Education
  • In-service Training Dates
  • License
  • Skills Inventory
  • Wage History
  • Time & Attendance
  • Job Performance
  • Accident/Incident
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Scheduled Exams

Inventory Control

Each item used by the long term care facility is defined in the Inventory Masterfile and assigned a unique identifier, used throughout the Materials Management system. The inventory file contains descriptive information as well as vendor pricing and contract information.

Inventory is increased through the receiving system and decreased when items are taken out of inventory. Through an interface to Patient Accounting, items such as nursing or medical supplies can automatically be billed to individual patients

Key Features Include:

  • Automatic Reordering
  • Location Transfers
  • Auto-Unit Conversions
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Inventory Issues
  • Receipts
  • Reorder Point Tracking
  • Variance Reporting
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Inventory Turnover
  • On-line Inquiry
  • Statistics
  • Replacement Costs
  • Book Values
  • Scannable Reports

Payroll System

Payroll is an easy-to-use and flexible module, offering a variety of options to accommodate the unique requirements of health care facilities. Although payrolls have been successfully automated for many years, most systems are general and do not supply the distinctive features required by long term health care facilities.

Key Features Include:

  • Auto-Allocations
  • Auto-Earnings
  • Auto-Check Rec
  • Auto-Deductions
  • Benefit Accruals
  • Direct Deposit
  • Expense Allocation
  • Electronic Tax Filing
  • Full Time Equivalency
  • Garnishment
  • Labor Distribution
  • Laser Checks
  • Multiple Taxes
  • Split Departments
  • Time Cards
  • Union Reporting
  • Workers’ Comp
  • 401K Reporting


ADL’s Purchasing module reduces the paperwork involved in requisitioning and ordering supplies for long term care and subacute care facilities. The purchasing agent determines the items and quantities to order to keep inventory adequately stocked.

Materials and supplies should be ordered via Purchasing to keep accurate records of the terms and details of the purchase. Both on-line inquiry and extensive reports are available.

Enter and maintain price schedules to create system-generated bid lists, which help purchasing agents determine the best sources for buying.

Key Features Include:

  • Blanket Orders
  • Bid Lists
  • Purchase Order
  • Standing Orders
  • Reorders
  • Receiving
  • Requisitions
  • Three-Way Matching
  • On-line PO Entry
  • Ship-to Instructions
  • Purchase Order Updating
  • PO Tracking
  • Requisitions

Trust Funds

Our Trust Funds Accounting program (also referred to as Resident Funds or Personal Allowance Accounts) is a miniature banking system for managing the monthly allowance money of a long term care facility’s residents. The module allows the facility to process deposits and withdrawals from the resident’s account as well as calculating interest, providing statements, and interfacing with outside banks. Trust Funds will also track when the account reaches the maximum limit of personal allowance that the resident is allows to keep in this type of account.

Key Features Include:

  • Allocate Interest
  • Auto-Checks
  • Automatic Transfers
  • Bill Paying
  • Burial Fund
  • Cash On Hand
  • Charge Services
  • Check Printing
  • Direct Deposit
  • Electronic Banking
  • Exchange Accounts
  • Income Tracking
  • Interest
  • Savings Accounts
  • Trust Fund Statements

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