AIC Accounting

An accounting software system designed by Business Outsourcing Solutions Systems formerly Ce.

About AIC Accounting

AIC Accounting is designed to service the apparel manufacturing, textile manufacturing, general manufacturing and wholesale distributors. The applications have multi-company, multi-division and multi-currency capabilities. The software has been successfully implemented for over 15 years.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module is an accrual-based account’s payable package with full multi-company capabilities that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs. It is designed to handle all aspects of accounts payables, providing invoice adjustment, flexible payment selection including partial payments, check processing and reconciliation, check history and analysis, and distribution of expense general ledger account numbers.

Accounts Payable Module Application Overview:

  • Allows interactive maintenance of the AIC software Vendor files, accessing vendors by number or partial name
  • Creates an audit trail with abundant audit reporting
  • Handles one-time vendors and safeguards against duplicate invoice entry
  • User defined cash requirements /aging analysis
  • Easy handling of voided checks that have been posted
  • Automatic check writing, or allows manually written checks
  • Fully functional 1099 processing and reporting
  • Fully interfaced to other AIC software modules

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable Module has full multi-company and multi-user capabilities. It includes every Accounts Receivable file and report you need, including control files, customer files, sales processing, cash receipts processing, chargeback processing, aging reports, customer account inquiry, finance charges, statements, salesperson file, sales commissions tracking and reports. It interfaces with the General Ledger, Sales History, and Customer Order Processing Packages.

The Accounts Receivable Module Application Overview

  • Credit history, with full customer credit analysis
  • On screen cash application with ýselect what to payý capability
  • Chargeback reporting
  • Expanded allowance capability for cash receipts
  • Multi-company and multi-user capability
  • Enhanced reporting options
  • Calculates finance charges based upon user defined parameters
  • Fully interfaced to other AIC software modules

General Ledger

A flexible, single or multi-company General Ledger package that permits user-defined statement formats. The General Ledger Module provides many special features, including interactive maintenance of the accounting period file, user-defined financial entities, a chart of accounts print-out that can optionally include budget and comparative information for any or all of the financial entities, recurring journal transactions with either permanently fixed or variable amounts, maintenance of text files that provide supporting notes, transmittal letters for financial statements and more.

General Ledger Module Application Overview:

  • Allows user definition of up the accounting periods in the fiscal year Groups profit and cost centers into user-defined financial entities for sectional reporting
  • Allows entry and editing of general and recurring journal transactions, and prints registers
  • Allows accrual entries which are automatically reversed in the next period
  • Permits comparison of current performance with historical and expected figures by printing previous year’s data, budgeted amounts, and variances on statements
  • Consolidates companies into a parent company, if desired
  • Permits transaction detail to be kept for printing year-end detailed reports
  • Interfaces with all other AIC software modules


If you are currently using a bank or ADP to process your payroll, this module will pay for itself within your first few payrolls, and over and over again. The Payroll System Module, like all modules, can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs, including user-defined Social Security and Federal Unemployment Tax percentages and maximums, voluntary deductions, and hours in the user pay periods.

Complete employee file maintenance and records include all important employee data, including last raise date, review date, date of hire and/or termination, three hourly rates (regular, overtime, and special), salaried amount, vacation and sick pay, tax calculation data, an unlimited number of periodic voluntary taxable or non-taxable deductions, and more.

Payroll System Module Application Overview:

  • Allows user-defined pay categories
  • User-defined tax tables can be updated on the screen, avoiding program changes
  • Automatic check writing, or allows for manually written checks
  • Automatic W2’s and 1099’s -Abundant audit reporting and analysis
  • Calculates the payroll and prints a payroll register, deductions register, payroll check register, and the payroll savings bond register
  • Calculates all city, state, and federal payroll taxes
  • Produces a direct deposit tape for selected employees and prints notifications
  • Distributes expenses to job numbers and General Ledger account numbers, if desired
  • Interfaces with all other AIC software including the Magnal Shop Floor Control System

Product Overview

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