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About Bookkeeper

As the easiest to use small business accounting software on the market, Bookkeeper contains all of the features you find in more expensive accounting software but at a fraction of the cost. Bookkeeper comes complete with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Payroll and a host of additional features that will handle all of your small business needs.

The goal of Bookkeeper is to provide you with an easy to use system for business managers and owners without Bookkeeping experience. This robust solution, will allow you to easily and effectively manage your finances without taking away from your main responsibility: running your business. Bookkeeper is a complete solution that can handle all aspects of your accounting needs.


Accounting Features:

  • Interactive trial balance
  • Create journal entries
  • Manage your chart of accounts
  • Close books for the year
  • View Balance Sheet and Income Statement with optional comparison data

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Features:

  • Entering Payables Transactions
    • Include discounts in payables
    • Make payable recurring, for automatic payment
    • Apply vendor credits
  • Check Writing, Cash and Credit/Debit Card Payments
    • Split payables checks across separate accounts
    • Assign payable line items to jobs
    • Import both Expense and Timesheet data
  • Vendor Management
    • Support for 3rd party payees
    • Specify opening balances
    • Customize vendor information fields

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Features:

  • Quickly Create Invoices and Estimates
    • Add customer on-the-fly
    • Convert estimates to invoices with one click
    • Support for barcode scanning of items, allowing you to quickly add line items to invoices
    • Include job or project number on and invoice
    • Import billable hours from timesheets
    • Import employee expenses
    • Apply discounts by line item or whole invoice
    • Support for returns and refunds
    • Include shipping information with links to websites of common carriers
    • Automatically update inventory levels
  • Includes layouts for Professional, Product and Service invoices
    • Several layouts with customizable colors, available for you to choose from
    • Add your company’s logo on invoices and estimates
    • Print paper invoices and estimates or export them to PDF or text files
    • Include Balance Forward, Previous Payments and Aging information on Invoices
    • Create a ‘Pick List’ for inventory pulls based on invoice information, and print this ‘Pick List’ on a separate printer.
    • Email invoices directly to customers
  • Receipt of Payments
    • Print sales receipt when receiving payments
    • Allows for acceptance of partial payments
    • Apply one payment to multiple invoices
    • Process credit cards through your own merchant account
    • Manually enter credit cards or integrate a card swipe device
  • Customer Management
    • Customize fields to store information you deem pertinent
    • Specify opening balances
    • Fully support tax exempt companies
    • Create custom emails for sending invoices. Also include additional attachments


Banking Features:

  • Support for ATM transactions
  • Quickly make miscellaneous debit and credit transactions
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Manual deposits
  • Import OFX data directly from your bank
  • Quickly reconcile bank account (support for adding missing transactions on the fly)

Company Overview

The Company Overview will provide you with everything you need to manage your business and the security of your software. The company Overview will allow you to see a snapshot of your payables, receivables and bank account balances. You can also create custom to-do lists that will remind you of tasks needing to be performed.

Company Overview Features:

  • Support up to 5 different companies
  • Password security for limiting payroll and bank account access
  • Company Overview provides a quick snapshot of your financial status
  • System generated reminders
  • Create custom To-Do’s
  • Automated database backup
  • Import data from QuickBooks
  • Integrates with SoftConn Small Business Payroll


Expenses Features:

  • Track expenses for employees and contractors
  • Support for fixed amount or unit/rate type expenses
  • Include job information with expense
  • Reimburse expenses in payroll checks, regular checks or cash
  • Import billable expenses directly into invoices


Inventory Features:

  • Create purchase orders
    • Supports drop-shipping of product from manufacturer directly to customer
    • Add freight charges
    • Automatically creates a payable when receiving purchase orders
  • Inventory Management
    • Support for barcodes
    • Include detailed descriptions for Color, Size, Dimensions, Weight
    • Specify re-order points
    • View a snapshot of quantities on order and low inventory levels
    • Include images in item profile
    • Identify item location
    • Customizable fields for your specific inventory information


Payroll Features:

  • Timesheets
    • Enter employee/contractor hours in timesheets
    • Use flexible timesheet periods to set timesheets to meet your needs
    • Associate Job information with hours entered
  • Employee Management
    • Support for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly payroll cycles
    • Support for hourly and salary pay scales
    • Calculate Federal, State and most Local taxes
    • Setup deductions based on per paycheck, per hour worked or percentage of gross wage
    • Customizable fields for employees
    • Store employee images with profile
  • Other Features
    • Support for importing payroll data from external sources (i.e. ADP)
    • Calculate payroll deposits
    • Print W-2, W-3, 1099, 1096, 940 & 941 forms quickly


Reporting Features:

  • Standard Reports
    • Over 125 reports and forms available
    • Customize the font, column order and other critical aspects of your reports
    • Includes necessary payroll tax forms
    • Print employee, customer, and vendor labels
    • Filter your reports to show only the information you desire
    • Export reports to Excel, PDF, Text and CSV formats
    • Drill down to view item detail
  • Graphical Reports
    • View your Sales, Expenses, and P&L data over a customizable period of time
    • Include comparisons to previous date ranges or similar accounts.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Bookkeeper

Submitted on August 14th, 2023 by Frederick

After years of using the most popular software and that company moving to a monthly fee, I looked for an alternative for my small business. I found Bookkeeper and was skeptical because of the low price. I was pleasantly surprised that it had all the features and more than needed at a affordable one time price. I do recommend giving it a try if you are looking for an accounting system for a small or medium sized business.

The Good…

Bookkeeper is very affordable SMB Accounting software that has the functionality of the largest with no monthly fee. The user interface is intuitive and has a short learning curve.

The Bad…

Although intuitive, the user interface feels “dated”. However, it is quite easy to use. I have experienced data corruption, so backup often. I generally do backups before and after entering a significant amount of transactions.

Submitted on May 30th, 2022 by Anonymous

Very disappointed to find out that I cannot save anything from this program onto my device so I can send estimates or invoices electronically, the only option being print.

The Good…


The Bad…

cannot save files to exported destination

Submitted on December 10th, 2013 by John

Its fine for keeping track of rev & expenses. Some learning curve to figure out how to use and accurately record transactions. Reporting is fine. Great product for the price.

The Good…

1 time affordable cost without monthly fee

The Bad…

Nothing stands out. With any software, there is a learning curve.