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A full ERP system designed by ASAP of Georgia.

About Apparel Accounting Software - AS/AP Apparel System

Apparel Accounting Software for Manufacturer and Distribution Companies

AS/AP’s Apparel Accounting, Manufacturing, and Distribution software is an integrated, modular system, developed with Visual FoxPro, available in Windows since 1983. The Visual suite of modules includes Management Accounting (ERP), SCM, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Production Control/Scheduling Management, EDI, Piecework & much more. AS/AP" also focuses on vertical niche systems such as the Screen Printing/Embroidery Processing (SEP). Scalable products, such as the all new AS/AP" SQL version are designed around your company’s needs, big or small. AS/AP" provides your company with the flexibility needed to excel in today’s increasingly competitive market.

Accounts Payable

The Payable module maintains Vendor and Payable files. Among its features are Payable aging, entry of manually written checks, automatic check writing with an editable cash requirements report before printing of the checks and an instant lookup (to printer or screen) of the aged status of your account with a particular vendor or the Account History.

Although the system comes installed with 26 industry standard terms, the user can add, edit and delete these terms to better fit their terms.

Invoices can be matched to receivers generated by the receipt of purchase orders in the inventory system and are posted with unlimited distributions (up to 9,999 per invoice) to ledger expense accounts, besides the Accounts Payable ledger account. The distribution can be verified through a screen query, which also shows items that are already paid and filed in the Payable Archive file.

The system works equally well with manually written checks or computer generated ones. AS/AP" even has the ability to print the vendor’s check with his factor’s name and address where applicable.

Accounts Receivable

The Receivables module maintains customer and receivables files. Among its features are accounts aging, automatic printing of custom ýoverdue lettersý (dunning letters), instant account status (by customer or by individual store) to the screen or printer, aged statements with or without advertising messages, and acceptance of advanced payments, full or partial payments either on account or against specific invoices.

AS/AP" includes an interface to merge your customer master file (customer names and addresses) with most commercially available word processing programs.


The e-commerce module has the following basic functionality:

  • Display products (graphically or in table format) by class and subclass
  • Display detailed information about a product (text, sizes, colors, pictures, etc.)
  • Allow browser to add an item to a shopping cart
  • Modify shopping cart entries for color, size, and quantity
  • Calculate applicable sales tax
  • Fill out order header data
  • Pay by credit card or print an order form to send in with payment
  • Authorize a credit card via Cybercash or Accesspoint
  • Print a receipt with Adobe Acrobat for a completed order
  • Full integration with AS/AP" order databases (customer, inventory, stock, order header and detail)
  • E-mail confirmation of orders
  • Order status reporting

General Ledger

The Ledger module is based on a flexible, user defined chart of accounts, with a capacity of up to 9999 accounts. Besides the Account numbers which are 4 digits (optional versions allow 5 digits), there are 3 digits for the division/department. This number system provides for up to 10 divisions (Profit Centers) within the master company and 99 departments within each division.

User designed financial statements (Balance Sheet and Income Statement, with or without Budget or Prior Period Comparisons) can be printed for any department, division or consolidated for the whole master company. A special format report will identify errors in layout and suggest changes, in order to simplify the design of your financial reports.


AS/AP" is composed of two independent inventory control systems. Finished Goods Inventory handles the products sold to your customer, while Raw Material Inventory, the component inventory, is related to the Finished Goods Inventory by the Bill-of-Materials.

Several user-defined Excel© spreadsheets can be interfaced with the AS/AP" Inventory Master file in the form of spec sheets, cost sheets, and style setup sheets.


  • The Apparel/Sewn Products matrix of Style, Size, Dimension, and Color is reflected in every module of Apparel Sales Order Processing and Finished Goods Inventory Control.
  • This system is a powerful and thorough implementation of the Style/Size/Dimension/Color matrix common to all sewn products industries.
  • Sizes are referred to as ‘size buckets’ or just ‘buckets,’ whether they are the quantity order, WIP or shipped.

Finished Goods Inventory

  • Included in the Inventory Control system is a 12-character alphanumeric Style number, 3-character Color code, 3-character Dimensional code, and 3-character Warehouse. Additional fields of note include: Product Class, Price Code, Season (user-defined field), Stockroom [rack] Location, Standard Pack Notation, Stock Room Locations, and Suppliers Style Number.
  • The System provides the ability to enter incoming stock from a Cutting Order (manufactured) or a Purchase Order (imported or purchased), and provides an instant query of quantity on-hand by Color and Size, Dimension, location, price, and cost.
  • Colors are entered using a 3-letter code which can be expanded up to 12-15 character description reports. Colors can be canceled and the orders applied against another color automatically. An individual style can be entered with a virtually unlimited number of colors.
  • Inventory can be based on last cost, standard cost, or weighted average cost. Selling prices are permitted at 6 price levels with 6 corresponding commission levels.

Raw Material Inventory

  • Raw Materials Inventory Control is a parallel inventory system intended for manufacturers. The Raw Materials Inventory System tracks everything not covered in the Finished Goods Inventory. The Raw Material is integrated to the Finished Goods and Cutting Order modules through the Trim Sheet (Bill-of-Materials) and to Sales Order Processing through the Material Requirements reports.

Spec Sheets

  • AS/AP" Finished Goods Inventory Style file includes an assortment of Specification and Instruction Sheets. These are FoxPro memo fields that can contain any free-form data the company may select. AS/AP" then provides the ability to edit and print the sheets as necessary.


The Payroll module allows employee hours to be accumulated on a daily basis, and each hour or group of hours during a week to be assigned to a different ledger account (department), as well as a different state or locality. Salaried employees’ earnings are automatically entered from the personnel file.

Calculations of Federal, multiple state and local withholdings are automatic. Additional withholding is allowed, as well as deductions for insurance, garnishments, loans to employees, and 4 other miscellaneous items. The computer can Print the payroll checks. Manually written checks can be posted as well.

The Federal and State Tax Tables are user maintainable.

W2 forms can be printed individually, for employees who leave the company during the year. All employee W2 forms can be batch printed at the end of the year, and the payroll files archived for future reference. AS/AP" also supports electronic reporting for the IRS.

The number and type of pay and deduction fields is extensive. Pay can be tracked in 7 categories: regular, overtime, makeup (or bonus), holiday, vacation, sick, and other. There are thirteen (13) deduction fields which include: FICA, Medicare, Federal Withholding, State Withholding, Local Withholding, insurance, section 125, garnishment, loan/advance repayment (misc #1), and four (4) additional user defined miscellaneous fields.

Custom interfaces are available to electronic time keeping devices and Time and Attendance programs.

Sales Orders

The AS/AP" Invoicing and Sales Order screens are the most advanced in the industry. Data entry, editing and invoicing are completely integrated to the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Inventory modules.

Sales Order Processing accepts sales orders, produces pick slips, invoices and credit memos, computes due dates, maintains back orders, records retail, cash sales (optional), and automatically updates the Accounts Receivables, General Ledger, sales history, commissions, and Inventory files during Sales Summary updates.

The ability to reprint invoices for up to 999 months after the entry date seems like such a small item until you find out that on some of our competitors’ systems you can only print invoices once and can never reprint them after updating.

The AS/AP" Apparel Accounting System offers multiple bill-to and ship-to addresses (up to one million different addresses per customer).

For embroiderers and screen printers, compound pricing of screens and bodies is standard. Using this feature, a particular screen design can carry a different price, depending on the garment that the print is placed on.

In case this automated system does not suit your needs, the AS/AP" system can maintain a different price for each style/design combination. AS/AP" also includes the option of giving each customer a different price on every Style. The system will automatically default to the last price that the customer paid for the Style.

Trim Sheet (Bill-of-Materials)

Interfaced to Sales Order Processing, Finished Goods Inventory Control, and Raw Materials Inventory Control the Bill-of-Materials is a list of Raw Materials required to assemble or manufacture a Finished product. Our apparel industry roots cause us to refer to this as the Trim Sheet.

The AS/AP" Trim Sheet is size sensitive and can contain any number and combination of fabrics, trims, and supplies.

Product Overview

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