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JAS (Jonar Apparel System)

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A multi-module management system designed by Jonar Systems for manufacturing companies.

About JAS (Jonar Apparel System)

Jonar has developed the windows JAS apparel system for both manufacturers and importers. A complete suite of programs that encompass EDI, RF, Warehousing, Shipment In transit, shop floor control, production monitoring, customs docs. and accounting to budget levels. Internet access for sales reps and remote order processing. Even factories can be on-line.

Order Entry

Hi-Lite Features

  • Inquiry by style, sales order, purchase order, or customer account.
  • Complete drill down to Notepads, sales order status, profitability, discounts.
  • Approves or holds orders automatically based on credit limits.
  • Produces order modification, confirmations, and or approvals.
  • Handles factored and non-factored accounts.
  • Provides EDI, manual and PO order entry options.
  • Remote Sales Automation system.
  • Maintains single and bulk orders, as well as order duplications, cancellations, substitutions.
  • Handles prepacks.
  • Multi-store entry breakdown capability with bulk ordering and distribution.
  • UPC and cross referencing capability.

Purchase Orders

Hi-Lite Features

  • Letter of credit management.
  • Complete shipment in transit subsystem providing status of arriving goods.
  • Integration with Finished Style and Raw goods.
  • Various methods of payment and currencies.
  • On-line queries by PO, Style or Material with notes availability.
  • Complete drill down to notepads, purchase order status, Rolodex.
  • Creation of manual or allocated purchase orders.
  • Allows for split shipments and tracking of these shipments.
  • Ability to input duties, taxes, freight, brokerage.
  • Purchase order detail reporting by status, divisions, seasons, styles.
  • Shipment in transit reporting of shipments.

Product Overview

User Reviews of JAS (Jonar Apparel System)

Submitted on March 2nd, 2018 by an anonymous JAS (Jonar Apparel System) user.

It’s good and bad, but it’s not a 21st century solution. it was good for the 1970’s