An apparel ERP software with versatile and scalable features.

About N41

N41 is a leading fashion and apparel ERP solution provider. Their ability to service fashion brands, manufacturers, and wholesalers worldwide has helps N41 establish a proven track record of successful implementations and provide a true all-in-one system.

N41 provides a mobile app that works great for tradeshows and showrooms. This means your staff do not have to move samples to the register–you can simply scan directly from the floor without lugging around a bulky computer. This provides built-in credit card processing, order approval request forms, order processing, and integrated UPS API and automated invoicing.

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N41 Features

The feature rich programming of N41 ERP includes:

Customer Master

  • Quick AR and History reports with drill down
  • Quick Customer status on screen display
  • Customer notes
  • Multiple DC & Stores
  • Save encrypted Customer’s Credit Card
  • Multiple Price Level & Discount Rate
  • Customer Priority for Allocation
  • Credit Info; Customer Credit Limit, Maximum aging date
  • Sales Rep1 & 2, Terms, Contact Info
  • Customer Type
  • Information used for “Order Entry Validation” and
  • Default sales order value population

Style Master

  • Style Status for “Order Entry Validation” and “P.O. Entry Validation”
  • Easy “Add Color”, Duplicate Style
  • Direct Style history, availability, and Inventory reports with drill down
  • Easy image upload up to 2 images per style/color (Drag & Drop)
  • Quick Status on the screen
  • Time Sensitive Season for “Order Entry Validation”
  • Available Date for “Order Entry Validation”
  • Fabric Content for “Performa Invoice” and “Commercial Invoice”
  • “Re-Order level” and “Lead Time” for requirement/availability report
  • Division, Sub-Division, Group, Category, and Fabric Type for Report grouping
  • Projection/Forecast Quantity
  • Multi Price level
  • UPC/SKU generation for EDI Catalogue
  • Pre-Pack, Bundle option

Order Processing

  • Sales Order -> Allocation -> Pick Ticket -> Scan & Pack -> Shipment -> Invoice
  • Flexible and Robust Sales Order Processing
  • Sales Order Manager for easy order approval/allocation/pre-auth/Pick on one screen
  • Order Entry Validation per
  • Available to Sell, Season, Available date, Customer credit info, Style status
  • Easy Drop down entry
  • Embedded Credit Card pre-auth and charging
  • Auto Allocation
  • Able to assign different “Cancel Date” per line/item
  • Able to assign different “Cancel Reason” per line/item
  • Flexible Order Processing
  • Component/Material Required by Order
  • Back order & Re-Order Report
  • Editable Order Status & Order Type
  • Live Inventory Update
  • Return Authorization & Credit Memo
  • Shipping Group Assignment
  • Pre-Pack Function

Cut Ticket/PO Processing

  • Production Management
  • Task Manager for Production TNA
  • Multi Locations/Stages Processing
  • PO/Cut Ticket Issue Wizard; automatically calculate required qty and percentage
  • PO/Cut Ticket Issue directly from Sales Order
  • Able to assign Multi Vendors for single PO/Cut Ticket
  • Component/material “Pull Sheet” per default Cost Sheet/BOM
  • Component/material Quantity Actualization; Generate “Actualized Average Cost”
  • Live Inventory Update of Finished Good and Component/material
  • Multi Color Dye Process (PFD) and Unwashed goods; Change colors during the process
  • Damage Reason and Damage Inventory Control

Vendor Master

  • Multi Location
  • Contractor’s WIP Report
  • Populate default PO/Cut Ticket
  • Contact Info

Cost Sheet/Bill of Material

  • Cost Sheet/Bill of Material by size
  • Multiple Cost Sheet for same style/color with date range
  • BOM Actualization for updating material inventory & Actual Cost.
  • PFD and Unwashed finished goods as component/material
  • PFD required & Dye Reports
  • Populate “Requirement” report
  • Populate “Pull Sheet” & BOM (Bill of Material) on P.O./Cut Ticket
  • Separating “Component used for all colors” and “used for a specific color” Percentage overhead calculation

Component/Raw Material

  • Component/Materials per size
  • Multi Price per Vendor
  • Vendor Style/Color name
  • “Re-Order level” and “Lead Time” for requirement/availability report
  • Easy “Add Color” and Duplicate
  • Quick Status report on the screen
  • Division, Sub-Division, Group, Category, and Fabric Type for Report grouping


  • Full Accounting Receivable
  • Invoice, Credit Memo, Payment Posting, AR Adjustment
  • Payment Report per account
  • Invoice Due Date population according to Term and Payment Type
  • CIT and Merchant Bank EDI for “Credit Request” and “Credit Approval”
  • Consolidated Invoice function
  • Sales Rep Commission Calculation per Invoice and Payment
  • Gross margin per “Default Cost Sheet” and “Actualized Average Cost”
  • Inventory Value per Warehouse for Finished Good and Component/material
  • Inventory Activity Report per type
  • Account Activity Report; Invoice, CM per Factor, Non-Factor for month
  • WIP(Work In Progress) Value Report


  • Scan & Pack with quantity validation
  • Print Content Label & UCC128 label on scanning stations
  • System Generated Bill of Lading
  • Create “Pack/Shipment” automatically when Scan is done
  • Box Dimension for UPS and EDI
  • UPS Link


  • 850 (Purchase Order), 856 (Advanced Shipment Notice), 810 (Invoice), 997 (Functional Acknowledgement), 860 (PO Change), 855 (Credit Request/Credit Decision), 832 (UPC Catalog)
  • Embedded File Transfer through FTP
  • Batch Job scheduler for Sending/Receiving EDI files automatically
  • Easy EDI document tracking with 997 (FA) logging
  • UCC128 Shipping Label
  • UPC Sticker/Hang Tag Printing
  • System Generated BOL (Bill of Lading)


  • Drill Down Reports
  • Mandatory Fields
  • Custom rules
  • “Dummy Proof” data entry with drop down menu
  • Easy “Find” & “Search”
  • Customizable Reports with Filter and Sort
  • Save Filter and Sort
  • Excel Export keeping same format and layout
  • Direct Add New Code setup access
  • Enhanced user security and audit trail

Product Overview

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User Reviews of N41

Submitted on May 18th, 2022 by Anonymous

N41 ERP’s cutting edge technology and its flexibility in handling multiple business operations have resulted in greater efficiency by eliminating all the extra time consuming work we had to go through in managing our inventory. As a growing company, this has made inventory management easier than ever for us there by helping us concentrate on providing better consumer experience for our clients.

Submitted on May 18th, 2022 by Anonymous

As a long-term player in the industry, we have had quite an experience on many inventory management ERP’s. N41 proved to stand better than all these software with its unique qualities of custom design, wide range of features that supports eCommerce platforms and more importantly, its highly supportive technical team readily available either through phone or remote login service.

Submitted on May 18th, 2022 by Anonymous

We wish we had started scanning years ago (with the N41 tradeshow mobile app) but we may have chosen the wrong system!! Yesterday we could have gotten 15-20 more orders (at the MAGIC tradeshow). So glad we waited and found N41 Apparel ERP Software! From the whole Caroline Hill crew, thank you for all you did to get us up and running on N41!!!