A full ERP system designed by AG Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.


Apparel Manufacturing Software

PERFECT FIT is a full enterprise business management system for apparel manufacturers, importers, and distributors. The program also works well with other types of manufacturing. A wide range of modules allows efficient customization to fit a variety of business models.

Accounts Payable

The A/P window allows the user to select which bills and how much of each bill to pay.

You select bills to be posted or paid. Multiple vendors can be processed with a single command. This list can be viewed and sorted in a variety of ways.

With 2 clicks of the mouse it is possible to pay all bills that are due.

Accounts Receivable

The Invoices button on the Customer window opens a list of all invoices for that customer. The program automatically tracks how long it takes until an invoice is paid in full. Payment trends can be spotted immediately.

Double clicking an invoice in this list will open the Invoice Window.

The Customer A/R Transaction window shows the detail of all A/R transactions for the customer. You can see which check paid which invoice(s), Credit Memos applied, and allowances given.

Double Clicking a transaction in this list will open the Transaction Inspector to display all transactions posted at that time.

Bill of Materials

Each item in the Style Master can have as many parts, or raw materials, assigned as you need. The cost of the finished goods item can be calculated dynamically as raw materials’ costs fluctuate.

Labor costs can be included in the bill of materials.

This data is used to generate Materials Requirements Reports for Orders or Cut Tickets. You can print Raw Material Pick Lists for Cut Tickets, and do cash requirements projections for orders, even if a Season is only partially complete.

Customer Tracking

Our approach to software design has been to make the software as easy to use as possible, yet provide flexibility and power behind the scenes. Many of the buttons on each window will open subsidiary windows to access and edit a deeper level of information.

The Orders button will open a list of all orders on file for the customer. This list can be open at the same time as the customer window. Double Clicking on an order in the list will open the order window to show that order. A large monitor can be a big benefit when using PERFECT FIT, as you can have as many windows open at the same time as you want.

You can set up as many different customer terms as you want.

The Prices button will allow you to assign this customer to a price level which has been previously set up in the Style Master. You can also set up a custom price list for particular items for each customer.

The Notes button allows you to keep unlimited date stamped notes for each customer. Each note can be set for a future reminder date. This is great for recording A/R calls and getting reminders to follow-up on those late accounts.

Finished Inventory

The stock number is generated from a 2 or 3 segment code. Size range is optional. Users can define as many size ranges as needed.

Both 6 or 12 size slot version of PERFECT FIT are also available.

The Orders button will open a window with a list of all open orders for this item. Double Clicking this list will open the Order Window to that order.

The Other Data pop-up menu provides many more subsidiary windows to track inventory and style information, including pictures, specification sheets, notes, prices lists, and special processing conditions.

The Lists buttons will allow the user to drill down to see the source of these numbers.

Reports with this information are available for all styles or for a user defined set of styles. Any of the lines shown above can be included or suppressed, so the user can print a compact report with only the information they need for their job.

General Ledger

The Transaction Inspector allows for a detailed view of the financial transactions entered through any of the modules.

The G/L is accessible from each of the posting documents: Invoices, Payables, Ledger Journals, etc.

The Transaction inspector can display data based on any number of user criteria. This is a dynamic system that allows for easy investigation of transaction posting.


Built in UPS Rate Chart: Enter the weight and the shipping amount is calculated automatically. A UPS Manifest module is also available.

The commission button provides direct access to the commission structure for this invoice. Supports split commissions and variable commission rates.

The Invoice Detail window allows entry of back-ordered items. Backorders are created automatically when invoices are posted.

There is an option for commissions and royalties to be based on invoice line items.

The Ship All button is a shortcut for fast data entry.


Order entry is fast, keyboard controlled, with mouse shortcuts available. User defined preferences can change the behavior of the order entry windows.

Double clicking on the Style on the Order Detail window will open the Style Master window for that item. Quick and slick navigation is one of the hallmark features of PERFECT FIT.

We have been programming in a multiple windows environment since 1985, and understand both the technical aspects of a windows system as well as the advantages to the end user.


Payroll modules for all 50 states and Canada are available. Taxes are calculated automatically, and payroll checks and check stubs can be printed. Reports for Workers Compensation Insurance are included.

From the Employee window the user has instant access to vacation history, payment history, and an unlimited notes file.

Point of Sale

This module is a simple point of sale system that integrates with PERFECT FIT inventory and accounting. On a single window the user can enter items for sale, including size, sales tax, and payment type. When clicking OK to save the sale, inventory quantities are updated and ledger transactions are inserted. All processing takes place on this one window. …Fast and Easy.

Raw Materials Inventory

Parts for Production can be classified into groups to control the cost sheet printouts.

There is immediate drill down capability to examine Purchase Orders, Cut Ticket Allocations, and Usages for each Part.

Remote Order Entry

The Remote Order Entry Module is designed to:

  • Allow users that are not connected to the PERFECT FIT Data File to enter new customers and new orders.
  • Send new orders and customers that were entered remotely to the ‘Master’ Data File on the Main Computer.
  • Provide salesmen in the field the ability to look up customer and sales history.

An option is also available to enter and update the Customer Notes file.

Reps & Commissions

The user can select which invoices to pay commissions on by clicking lines on this list. When the OK button is clicked a check will be entered, all the invoices will be stamped as commission paid, and a commission statement will be printed for this sales rep.

PERFECT FIT supports split commissions and commission deductions.

The commission list above can be set up automatically with these criteria. Commission processing can now be done in minutes instead of hours.

Full commission reporting is supported. The Custom Search option, which is available on all PERFECT FIT reports, allows the user to set up complex filters to show only data that meets certain criteria.

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